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Adobe to halt development of Flash for mobile browsers

Adobe to halt development of Flash for mobile browsers

Adobe rung the death bell for Flash for mobile browsers on Wednesday, announcing it is stopping further development of the plug-in and shifting efforts towards HTML5 and its proprietary Adobe AIR software.

“We will no longer continue to develop Flash Player in the browser to work with new mobile device configurations (chipset, browser, OS version, etc.) following the upcoming release of Flash Player 11.1 for Android and BlackBerry PlayBook,” Adobe’s vice president of interactive development, Danny Winokur, wrote in a company blog post.

“We will of course continue to provide critical bug fixes and security updates for existing device configurations. We will also allow our source code licensees to continue working on and release their own implementations,” he added.

Winokur wrote that in the future, Adobe’s work with Flash on mobile devices will focus “on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores.” Announcing the shift towards HTML5, a competing technology that is now universally supported on all major mobile devices, Winokur said that HTML5 is “the best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms.”

Steve Jobs wins:- Flash has been a bone of contention between Apple Inc. and Adobe since Apple’s former Chief Executive Steve Jobs stood steadfast against featuring it on iPhone and iPad, and said it doesn’t belong to the future of mobile computing. He even posted a letter on Apple’s website in April 2010 criticizing the technology.

“Flash was created during the PC era for PCs and mice,” Jobs wrote. “Flash is a successful business for Adobe, and we can understand why they want to push it beyond PCs. But the mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces and open web standards all areas where Flash falls short.”

Microsoft Corp. also recently signaled a move away from Flash on mobile devices, saying in September that Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 will not be supporting Web plug-ins on tablets.

The future:- Announcing the shift towards HTML5, a competing technology that is now universally supported on all major mobile devices, Winokur said that HTML5 is “the best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms.” However, the company said it is already working on Flash Player 12, and that it can still “innovate with Flash where it can have most impact for the industry, including advanced gaming and premium video.”

On the other hand, Adobe also said that the discontinuation will extend to consumer electronics devices such as televisions, and endorsed that developers prefer to build native apps for them.

“Adobe will continue to support existing licensees who are planning on supporting Flash Player for web browsing on digital home devices and are using the Flash Player Porting Kit to do so,” the company confirmed to GigaOm.

“However we believe the right approach to deliver content on televisions is through applications, not a web browsing experience, and we will continue to encourage the device and content publishing community down that path,” Adobe said.

End for Open Screen Project:- Adobe had launched ‘Open Screen Project’ in 2008, after Apple came out with the iPhone without Flash support, aiming to make a consistent app runtime across multiple devices, so that any Flash application once developed could be distributed across web browsers, mobile devices and TVs. Various notable device manufacturers, telecommunications carriers and content developers allied with Adobe under the program, but companies like Microsoft and Sun Microsystems stayed away.

So far, they have only been able to bring the exposure to Google TV devices, which have also struggled to gain traction in the market.

Mobile Software Development ? Get Success!!!

Mobile Software Development ? Get Success!!!

According to the 2008 report released by International Telecommunication Union (ITU), there are more than 4 billion hardworking mobile phone users in the planet, amidst which as numerous as 1.7 billion use mobile internets. Add to this the latest broadcast Apple made about trading more than 1 billion apps through their iTunes shop, and you will have an concept of how well liked mobile software, or apps, are evolving these days. Forget enterprise software answers, overlook bulky world broad web submissions that spend high allowances of world broad web bandwidth; the future lies in mobile app development.

Mobile software development is evolving an attractive comprehensive genre in the area of software engineering. There can be so numerous kinds of apps that the kind itself can be mind-boggling. If you have a shop, you can get it online through a mobile shop app. If you have a benevolent humanity happening approaching up, you can have a custom-made request mailer app constructed, to confirm you don’t overlook out on anybody. The possibilities are endless.

Mobile software development can furthermore be a good way of expanding the income of a company. For example, you can have an app constructed and put up for sale, such that you get some piece of the sale cost every time somebody downloads that app. If you invest in well liked apps, you can make good cash, without raising a finger. Here are some demonstrations of kinds of apps that generally display impressively large sales figures:

1. Currency converters: These are needed by numerous persons, particularly those who convey out share dealing, forex dealing, or have to journey often between distinct nations. Have an app constructed with a good client interface, confirm it encompasses the exchange rates of all mainstream currencies, and you’re money.

2. Games: These are amidst the elite of apps, and not certain thing you desire to ignore. These are amidst the most well liked kinds of apps in the world, and are downloaded by not just children and teenagers, but furthermore a important number of adults.

3. Geo-tagging applications: These not only assist as traveling aids for globetrotters, but furthermore arrive in handy to just about any individual who may require main headings to come to some place. As such, these manage get traded a lot. Just confirm that the interface is as client amicable as possible.

4. Music applications: Music Industry though by itself might be on the rocks but the digital circulation of content by mobile submissions has been discerning phenomenal growth. The achievement of sportily, an online mobile melodies streaming business is a latest demonstration of diverse such startups which have been the converse of the industry.

On a last note, habitually have your apps constructed by a reputed mobile software development company.

Software platform JMango360 easily lets you make apps

APP software
If that's the case, online retailers should have their own app, so consumers can shop online more easily. But developing an app can be very expensive, that's why some online retailers ignore this opportunity. Dutch mcommerce software company JMango360 …

Android App Development is Going To Be The Only Trend In Mobile Software Industry.

Android App Development is Going To Be The Only Trend In Mobile Software Industry.

Reports from various sources suggest that Apple is soon going to lose its supremacy in tablet market. iPad has been dominating since 2010 but now, Android with its unchallenging adoption, will also lead in this market. And there is indeed no particular reason that Android will not be able to carve a better niche.

According to the research findings of ABI Research, Android has all those features that make it affordable, adoptable, and capable of taking place of Apple. And Google’s smart move to compete with Apple’s 10-ince iPad is its 7-ince Android powered tablet.

Other reports indicate that Google is serious enough to improve the user-experience of Android OS, purposely for the tablet devices. For now, Apple is winning the hearts and loyalty for table user experience. But, a report of IDC recently revealed that iPad had a decrease of 40% of its shipments in the first quarter of 2013.

On the other hand, Google is promising users great upgrade to Android OS. An executive of Google hinted that for now, Android and Chrome may not become one but with time, things may change. However the entire game will be played according the demand created by consumers. Google recently release Google Studio in order to make things easier and faster for Android app developers. Google is quick enough to fill the gap between technological preeminence between Android and iOS by launching new things in its OS ecosystem.

The same findings of ABI Research suggest that Android will account for 58% of app downloaded in 2013, while Apple will get the second place with 33%. The other runners-ups in the game are Windows Phone with 4% and BlackBerry with 3%. So Android is today’s trend. It is available in more than 70% smartphone devices all over the world. If it continues to grow like this, there may soon be an Android only phone-age. These numbers also inspire the business world and thus they are showing their interest in Android application development. Previously, they heavily invested in iOS platform which is now gradually losing its market share.

Android is living up to the expectations of users. It may be defamed for malware and fragmentation related issues but is Google or Android itself responsible for this? No, neither Android nor Google is responsible for either issue. The beauty of Android is its openness and because of this features, Samsung defeated Nokia and is selling more devices. Nokia was once world’s top mobile device seller but now the company is struggling for its existence. Its tie-up with Microsoft created no magic. Microsoft recently cancelled the plan of buying this highly expensive, non performing brand. So Android is outshining others. It appears to soon takeover the entire market.

Google Photos app to have free unlimited storage

APP software
Action camera maker GoPro and Google introduced a virtual reality system using 16 cameras and Google software, sending GoPro shares up nearly 7 percent on Thursday US time. GoPro's helmet- and body-mounted video cameras are popular with …

Software Development Companies are heading to Mobile Apps Development, Are they?

Software Development Companies are heading to Mobile Apps Development, Are they?


It was merely few years back when many companies never gave importance to software development but now we can see not a single company can think of surviving without software. This change in attitude was a consequence of failures in the market that caused some firms to also feel the need for having their company app developed to create their brand position in their market.

Mobile application development is a simplest way of using technology as a solution provider, time saver and most important of all profitable ventures. There is always a better cause whereby software companies are considering changes in their implementation, but these changes in many occasions are not suddenly recognized particularly during application development process. For instance, a Google Android market which changed its name to Google Play did not however get great reviews simply because these changes so far have not been very favorable and simply a façade.

There is however, a general reaction in this competitive and dynamic industry. As the changes in the software development take place, it is expected to obviously show drastic action and makes a lot of difference in the overall development process.

Google Play has made it convenient for users to locate their products which include e-books, music, movies and also Android apps. They can be accessed through an integrated destination. This however will not pose any hurdle or drawback for android developers, as because they will no longer have to rewrite their apps. However, though it has been crucial for Android app developers to incorporate the company’s icon ‘Android App on Google Play. As per Washington Post, Google Post is an effort to gain much more profits as ever before.

The effect of the same will not be just for the company, but also on the competitors who will now be great innovator. It is also to be seen that how well customers understands the importance of these modifications, who do not care for these technical specs.

However now companies are finding out different ways to engage with the clients and reduce the communication gap to a considerable degree. Here the role of the mobile app development company comes in. Their creation of apps is making waves in the corporate sector in decision making processes and creating new chapter in their relationship with their clients.

On the other hand Android, iPhone, BADA also are always getting innovative for continuously increasing client servicing. 

FAA gets help from CNN for its new commercial drone-testing program

APP software
For the average drone pilot, the FAA is working on a mobile B4UFLY app. The software will let hobbyists and other UAV owners know if it's safe to fly in a certain area — like parts of Washington, DC. The app features a Planner Mode for scouting out …

The Mobile Apps Development Life Cycle In Software Development Company

The Mobile Apps Development Life Cycle In Software Development Company

Mobile apps development is a new and complex technology that requires proper discipline and a professional software development company with proven capabilities in all the major mobile application development technologies. Usually, software development companies’ work according to a definite plan or development life cycle which insures that the software is developed according to the best development strategies.

The mobile apps development life cycle is usually as discussed below:

The Discovery Phase: The first or the initial phase of the development life cycle involves a lot of research and information gathering. Ideas are gathered and after much review the most suitable and feasible idea is promoted for development. Once the concept of the app is finalized, the process of gathering requirements for the development of the actual application starts. Each and every functionality of the app should be very carefully documented. Moreover, there will always be some functions that you won’t like the app to do. Users using an app are to be provided enough freedom along with necessary limitations. The five W’s (who, what, when, whey, where) of problem statement should be properly analyzed before sending the project any further.

The Designing Phase: Once a feasible idea is finalized and the key ingredients have been decided, the design phase of software development should start. A project development team is formed according to the requirements and the project complexity. A work-flow and design of the application is created in this phase. The components of the application are individually designed to minutest details and their specific functionalities, roles, features etc are clearly documented. A lightweight model of the application is also created in order to determine whether the desired application and the technologies required for it are feasible or not. Proper personals are included in the designing phase according to the requirements. The designing phase should end with approvals from all the relevant departments and a final approval from the single key decision maker among the key stakeholders.

The Development and Testing Phase: The development team in the software development company receives the project for development only after successful completion of designing phase. Usually the development and testing go side by side in order to catch the bugs as soon as possible and rectify them when it is still easier to do so. However, sometimes both the activities are divided into two different phases. For mobile application development, the side by side testing of application has been found to be very effective. The development of the application should be based on the best development practices. The stakeholders should take regular reviews and project development information to ensure that the project goes exactly as planned. Once the application is developed it should be again tested to insure that the components are working properly after integration.

The Deployment Phase: Once the mobile apps development is complete and a final product is acquired, the work should be transitioned to the advertising and marketing team. They are responsible for preparing the required material for the release of the application. Good marketing and effective advertising campaigns are very important for a successful application. The product should be launched only after proper marketing campaigns.

Maintenance and Updates: The last phase of the mobile apps development is actually a post development phase and it may go on for many years. Once the product is released into the market there are going to be maintenance requirements for the application. Something might need to be added, removed or edited in the application. All these maintenance activities are taken care of by the software development company. Further, periodic updates will be required for the mobile application. These updates will also be developed by the software development company. Special contracts are signed for maintenance and updates services.

Mobile apps development should be outsourced to professional and experienced software development company as the total development cost is usually very high and only top-notch applications are able to achieve what their stakeholders and clients expect form it.

TeamViewer Releases Microsoft Outlook App

APP software
Managed service providers (MSPs) now can leverage TeamViewer's online collaboration software to start a chat, video call, presentation or remote control session from within Microsoft Outlook. TeamViewer has launched the TeamViewer App for Outlook, …

Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile


Original icon set of Office Mobile

Office Mobile originally shipped as “Pocket Office”, and was released by Microsoft with the Pocket PC 2000 operating system in April of 2000. This release was specifically for the Pocket PC hardware platform, as Microsoft’s Smartphone hardware specification had not yet been released. It consisted of Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, and Pocket Outlook. With steady updates throughout subsequent releases of Windows Mobile, Office Mobile was rebranded as its current name after the release of the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. This release of Office Mobile also included PowerPoint Mobile for the first time. Accompanying the release of Microsoft OneNote 2007, a new optional addition to the Office Mobile line of programs was released as OneNote Mobile. With the release of Windows Mobile 6 Standard, Office Mobile became available for the Smartphone hardware platform, however unlike Office Mobile for the Professional and Classic versions of Windows Mobile, creation of new documents is not an added feature. A popular workaround is to create a new blank document in a desktop version of Office, synchronize it to the device, and then edit and save on the Windows Mobile device.

In June 2007, Microsoft announced a new version of the office suite, Office Mobile 2007. It became available as “Office Mobile 6.1” on September 26, 2007 as a free upgrade download to current Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6 users. However, “Office Mobile 6.1 Upgrade” is not compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 powered devices running builds earlier than 14847. It will also be a pre-installed feature in subsequent releases of Windows Mobile 6 devices. Office Mobile 6.1 is compatible with the Office Open XML specification like its desktop counterpart.

On August 12, 2009, it was announced that Office Mobile would also be released for the Symbian OS platform as a joint agreement between Microsoft and Nokia.


Word Mobile

Word Mobile running on Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Word Mobile, originally called Pocket Word, has been included with the Office Mobile suite since the release of the Pocket PC in 2000. It is a word processor program with similar functions to its desktop counterpart, Microsoft Word. Word Mobile allows for basic formatting of documents, and has the ability to save documents in multiple formats including Rich Text Format, Microsoft’s DOC format for reading on desktop versions of Word, and simple Text files. While it is possible to open legacy PSW (Pocket Word) files on the current version of Word Mobile, such files must be saved as another supported format. Word Mobile also allows for insertion of pictures, lists, and tables to documents, however pictures must be added on the desktop version of Word, and cannot be moved. Additionally, Word Mobile includes a spell checker, word count tool, and a “Find and Replace” command. Footnotes, endnotes, headers, footers, page breaks, certain indentation of lists, and certain fonts, while not displayed nor able to be inserted while working on a document in Word Mobile, such features are retained if the original document has them.

Excel Mobile

Excel Mobile running on Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Like Word Mobile, Excel Mobile was one of the original programs included in Office Mobile at its release. It is a spreadsheet program that is compatible with Microsoft Excel, and can create, open, edit, and save in Microsoft’s ‘.xls’ spreadsheet format. Excel Mobile allows for formatting of cells, basic calculations of formulas, and the creation of charts or graphs. As a means of dealing with limited screen resolution, Excel Mobile also has the ability to use a full-screen mode. In addition, it supports filtering of data and split panes to view different parts of a worksheet at one time. Protection settings, zoom settings, autofilter settings, certain chart formatting, hidden sheets, and other features are not supported on Excel Mobile, and will be modified upon opening and saving a workbook.

Outlook Mobile

Outlook Mobile is a personal information manager. Unlike the rest of the Office Mobile suite, Outlook Mobile does not consist of a single application on the Windows Mobile platform, and instead has several separate programs: Messaging, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks. It synchronizes e-mail, appointments, contacts, and tasks from the desktop version of Outlook. It is not compatible with Windows Calendar, Windows Mail, or Windows Contacts. Outlook Mobile is also capable of bypassing synchronization with its desktop counterpart by interacting directly with Microsoft Exchange Server. This direct interaction allows for an always-on E-mail connection, commonly referred to as Push e-mail. Push e-mail is also available to users with a Windows Live Hotmail account while logged onto Windows Live via their phone.


Outlook Mobile’s Messaging application includes the following features:

Push e-mail using Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Outlook folder synchronization

SMS messaging on phones

MMS messaging on phones

Windows Live Hotmail support

POP support

IMAP support

E-mail attachment support

HTML e-mail support

Exchange searching


Outlook Mobile’s Calendar program running on Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Outlook Mobile’s Calendar application includes the following features:

vCal support

Agenda, Day, Week, Month, Year, and Lunar calendar views

Category support

Microsoft Exchange Server support

Reminders and Alarms


Outlook Mobile’s Contacts application includes the following features:

vCard support

Category support

Contact searching

Exchange searching

Contact photos

Ringtone assignment for contacts on phones


Outlook Mobile’s Tasks application includes the following features:

Category support

Priority status of tasks

Sensitivity status of tasks


PowerPoint Mobile

PowerPoint Mobile was included with the release of the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. It is a presentation program capable of reading presentation documents from Microsoft PowerPoint. Unlike Word and Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile is unable to create or edit new documents. Although essentially only a PowerPoint viewer, PowerPoint Mobile also allows for a zooming option to deal with limited screen resolution.

OneNote Mobile

OneNote Mobile running on Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Originally released with the Microsoft Office 2007 Beta, OneNote Mobile is a notetaking program that synchronizes with Microsoft OneNote. OneNote Mobile allows for basic formatting of text, the insertion of media such as pictures or audio recordings, creation of lists, and the use of hyperlinks within documents. Pictures and audio recordings may be taken directly from within the program using a built-in camera and microphone respectively.

See also

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Arrest made in 15-year-old Tucson cold case

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How to Spy on a Mobile Phone with Mobistealth Pro Cell Spy Software App

How to Spy on a Mobile Phone with Mobistealth Pro Cell Spy Software App

How to Spy on a Mobile Phone with Mobistealth Pro Cell Spy Software App. Whatever your reason is for wanting to monitor or track a cell phone using MobiStealth, check out this MobiStealth cell phone spying app review for all the details on how MobiStealth works, what MobiStealth can do, & where to buy MobiStealth’s spy software.

Mobistealth has plans and prices to meet anyones cell phone spy needs starting at $ 39 for the Lite spy plan and $ 79 for the Pro spy plan. Mobistealth includes 100% free and all their spy plans a phone call tracing service that lets you find out who owns any phone number, be it a cell phone number or even a nonpublished number.

Mobistealth Phone Spy website

Full (not shortened) Review of Mobistealth

 The following are the list of all of Mobistealths spying features:

Call history – spy on every single phone call made and received with the cell phone with Mobistealth installed. Text message spying: when the target cell phone sends or receives a text message you can see the exact contents of that text message. GPS tracking: no matter where the person goes who has the cell phone with Mobistealth install you will be able to see everywhere they go and when they go there. Phone Book Spying – any names and addresses stored in the phone being spied on with Mobistealth you will be able to see. Appointments – with Mobistealth installed on the cell phone you will be able to see any appointments that are stored in that cell phones calendar.

All of these previously listed features are included with Mobistealth’s light spying plan starting at $ 39. All of these additional cell phone spying features are included if you are a member of Mobistealth’s Pro spying plan.

Email Spying – all e-mail sent and received with the Mobistealth loaded cell phone you will be able to see. Pictures- any pictures/photographs captured with the Mobistealth loaded cell phone you’ll be able to see. Surrounding Spy- simply send a special SMS command to the Mobistealth phone and it will secretly be turned into a bugging device for you. BBM Spy- if the cell phone you are spying on is a BlackBerry you will be able to see every one of the BBM chat messages sent and received.

The one bad thing about Mobistealth is there is a lot of models of cell phones that Mobistealth will not work on. You can easily see if the phone you want to spy on can be spied on with Mobistealth by clicking the compatible phones link at the top of their page.

Updating the GoPro HERO 3+ Black Edition Software Using the Smartphone App Walkthrough

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Mobile App Development London for the Best Phone Application Software

Mobile App Development London for the Best Phone Application Software

Nowadays, some mobile phones or PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistants) contain application software to give a good browsing feel to the users. The mobile app development London provides these services as web applications (like using JavaScript) using “server” or “client” processing. While developing the software, the developers have to consider things such as the size of the screen, the hardware configurations and the specifications. They need to create software that will be compatible with a certain mobile phone or PDA.

The application software development for phones includes programs for iPad, iPhone, Android and Black Berry. The developers use cutting-edge technology to give the best the web services on the phone. They update their knowledge from time to time to stay ahead of the competition since there are enhanced versions introduced into the market regularly. When the developers keep themselves updated, it has a positive impact on the clients; they get the best services and the latest technological assistance to suit their type of business.

Every business is different and therefore, the software will have to be different for each business too. That is the reason why the application development company has unique and custom-made applications for its different clients. The developers can create apps for children’s books, recipe apps, games and web apps to name a few. All mobile app development companies have a certain strategy in mind, which helps them to understand the client requirements.

The first step that the service provider company takes is to understand the business type and size and the budget of the client. They have an array of applications to suit every client needs. The next step would be to understand the mindset of the users. The success of an application depends upon the users and to create user-driven software, the developers will need to put themselves in the user’s shoes and think like them. The techniques for a book will be different from that of a game. Here, the ease of use and accessibility plays an important role.

The developer ensures that the client gets a good return on investment once they get the application started. The knack is to increase the traffic and this is possible by using simple language and instructions. The Mobile App Development London company knows this and that is why it discusses the strategy with the client before setting up the application. The success of the client is equivalent to its own success.

ECM software and collaboration apps — oh, my! But where's the ROI?

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Best Android App Building Software To Build Apps For Android

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History of Software Gold Nuggets ? Mobile Apps

History of Software Gold Nuggets ? Mobile Apps

The magic of technology has indeed touched human life in more ways than one. It all began with the first computers larger than a room. Today, we live in the world of smart touch devices and mobile apps. This transition was no easy one, and the dynamics changed as new developments arrived on the scene. Microsoft windows may have ruled the world of computers since 1995, but windows mobile apps are almost invisible! Similarly, a birth of the Internet – Google, is today the forerunner of the world of phone technologies with the Android OS! But such stories are common in such a dynamic world of communication technologies.

The timeline of human progress has been charted in ‘ages’. While gold was the most valuable asset of the earlier ages, technology became more lucrative in the later ages. Today, as we live in the age of information and communication, mobile applications have become the new gold nuggets. Software development is so lucrative, that even expert freelancers have the most amazing success stories. Often, such privately written software is bought off for millions by bigger companies. This is why the development of phone software has become more important today. People use their cellular devices and touch screen tablets more than laptops of desktop computers. The entire system is such that the trends have to be so dynamic and companies have to adopt in accordance.

The first smart phones arrived as early as 2001. These were bulky models, with not as many utilities as the models of today carry. They did include features like cameras for video chatting and interactive games over the Internet, but their functionality was limited. 2005 brought smart phones to Asia and other developing countries. This sent the industry buzzing with new developments. By 2010, Android became the most popular OS, followed by iPhone from Apple, and Blackberry devices from Canadian telecom giant RIM. Today, with 4th and 5th generation devices and Internet available to people all over the planet, the scene is only getting hotter for mobile devices!

Windows mobile apps were perhaps the first few created – edited versions of windows PC applications like MS Office and accessories like MS Paint. Today, all over the world, there are millions of mobile applications; some universally applicable, some specifically owned. Blackberry, iOS, Android, Symbian, and Palm are some of most popular platforms. Apart from these, third party application development is also a great industry trend. People make millions sitting at home and developing tiny software nuggets that change to gold when they come to be popular.

For almost every walk of life, there are some mobile applications. From exercising tips to motherhood advice, event management to movie bookings, there are apps for it all. There are free and paid applications, and people buy the useful ones like a craze. Some of the more popular ones have been downloaded and bought millions of times! These days, most professional companies like security, service and event organizations also have a unique mobile app custom developed to ease their work. Have you searched for your applicable application? If you search your service network, there are more than just a few golden software nuggets to find!


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