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Learn How to Fix Firefox Flash Crash

Learn How to Fix Firefox Flash Crash

Are you looking for the way to find a fix for Firefox flash crash to make your browser error free? One among other issues is that when we want to play videos live our browser crashes, really irritating moments for the user. This error has many variations. In some cases, Mozilla Firefox a powerful browser; suddenly shuts down automatically and displays a crash report. In another case, when we play videos online specially with larger resolution, it shuts down.  To fix this issue we have to fix various Windows errors including active-x and registry corruption through effective registry cleaning tool.

Flash plugin helps browser to display interactive content like videos, animations and banners on the website for viewers. If you realize that your flash crashes Firefox then try to disable it through Add-on manager. To perform it manually you have to open your browser >click tools>add-ons>Shockwave Flash> and now disable it. Now start browsing and if your browser still crashes then it must be some other problem inside the registry. And if you feel that Firefox started behaving normally then you have to care and repair flash components for smooth running.

Blow are outlined few steps to fix Firefox flash crash.

Ø  First thing we need to do is to uninstall existing flash version.

Ø  Official uninstaller tool would help us removing all components from the computer

Ø  Once done, we need to download flash player 9 instead of the version that we have removed

Ø  Updating sound driver is also appropriate because videos may simply crash on Firefox because of the corrupted or missing drivers. How?

a) Open Device Manager

b) Find the sound-card device

c) Remember the name of the device

d) Uninstall it. (Read this official guide to uninstall flash plugin: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/141/tn_14157.html )

e) After doing this restart your system.

Always use best registry cleaner software for active-x and registry errors. We must not ignore this step since it can turn out to be a quick fix for the flash crashes and other common PC errors and crashes. Using an effective registry cleaning program helps us to fix the traces of the polluted Windows unwanted files creating trouble for the computer.

Please make sure that plug-in is properly installed in Firefox.

The above guidelines allow you to take measures to find an easy solution to the problem. By using sophisticated Registry Cleaner software such as RegInOut you could have a simple solution. RegInOut will not only fix your Windows Registry but would also help to speed up PC and keep our Windows properly maintained. Prevention is the best cure.

To fix your problem click Firefox Flash Crash

Firefox 35 brings improved cross-browser video chat and better performance

Mozilla has just released version 35 of its open-source desktop browser Firefox, with a host of performance improvements, fixes and an easier-to-use version of its free cross-browser video chat app, Firefox Hello. Firefox Hello works across …

Benefits of Using Mozilla Firefox

Benefits of Using Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most widely used web browser today. I’ve often wondered why it is still popular among Internet users despite the new improvement the other web browsers have made on their systems. I, myself have been flip flopping from one web browser to another and I have decided to look into why its popularity among internet user is enduring. From my own quick research and being a user of multiple web browsers I could easily compare Mozilla from the web browsers and now understood what makes it so well-liked. Here, I will enumerate the main benefits of using Mozilla and why I think you should also make the transition from your current browser to Firefox. With Firefox the internet user enjoys incredible browsing speed, web security, web compatibility and advanced features which makes for a great browsing experience. The best thing of all? Firefox is free and fairly easy to download.

First thing which makes Mozilla Firefox is its easy installation. One does not need to an expert in order to install Firefox and the set up is very quick and easy. It also offers and supports multiple languages which makes it easier for one to switch from one language to another. The second benefit why users prefer Mozilla is its speed. Mozilla is powered with Java Script Engine, which greatly improves your browsing speed. This ensures that there are no infuriating delays when loading new web pages. An added bonus is that Firefox defends against unwanted Active X scripts, making your web browsing experience safer.

Another excellent feature is Tabbed browsing. This is an amazing tool which simplifies the task of switching from one window to another, a simple yet very useful when browsing. By using Mozilla you can now easily and conveniently manage multiple open web pages thereby saving you a lot of time. The Fourth benefit is the Firefox Plug-ins and extensions. The plug-ins is a useful tool for any internet user as it makes browsing much easier. Plug ins and extensions can be easily downloaded (Firefox download) and is available at the Firefox website.

One of the Firefox handy features is the Pop-up Ad Blocker, this is a built in defense system that wards off unwanted pop up ads and other animated image ads. It also gives you the ability to get rid of irritating ads. Lastly and probably the best of all, Firefox has been particularly designed to combat the fiercest and newest and most invasive computer viruses.

Google Inc Unfazed After Firefox Elopes with Search Engine Rival

That agreement changed the default Firefox search engine for most users in the U.S. Firefox users who had actively chosen to get search results from Google or any other search engine were not affected by this change, but moving away from system …

Firefox – The leading web browser throughout the world

Firefox – The leading web browser throughout the world

Model Gecko rendering engine is followed by Firefox to view web pages requested each time and the model of the information displayed consists of all the standard features updated in addition to several other samples of features that are proposed to add in future versions of the browser. Current features of Firefox is it allows tabbed browsing, download manager, spell checking and incognito. Some of these features may be additions made by several other developers who have made significant efforts to improve the experience of working with this browser.

Firefox has been adapted to work on any operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and several other platforms. Basically, this project was started only on an experimental basis by Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross, who became popular with all the added features. The multi-platform Web browser’s home was possible to improve the functionality of the browser and its capabilities with other themes.


Mozilla Firefox Download Free is also available in several languages ??making them available internationally and spread their roots through a number of nations. Some reasons for Mozilla Firefox Free download Are avoid pop ups, spyware, malware and adware automatically without disturbing the user each time their work. The ease with which pages can be navigated on the site and faster, secure web browsing without complicating things for users is also the reason for the choice of Mozilla Firefox free download.


Mozilla aims to provide the best possible product to their customers who are the main reason for it to become the most wanted web browser rather than others. Download Mozilla Firefox has increased largely from the time of his invention, and they also take particular care on the suggestions made by users about the product regardless of the level of expertise of the user. The company will consider the suggestions given to them and also made efforts in implementing them successfully meet the nominee.


For navigation even faster after downloading the settings of the story must be canceled, that will not save any files to the sites covered thereby increasing the browsing speed. All files downloaded from the sites, their entry should be erased from history and will also add to the browsing speed. Mozilla always puts in the effort to give only their best customers and satisfy all requirements, they also endeavor to take measures to educate people using the Internet on the effective use and better.


Firefox download can be done from the official website of the Firefox since it can be dependable and is also free.
Mozilla strives to give best products possible to their customers which are the main reason for it to become the most searched web browser rather than any others. Mozilla Firefox download has increased largely from the time of its invention, and they also take particular care about the suggestions given by users regarding the product irrespective of the user expertise level. The company pays heed to the suggestions given to them and also makes efforts in implementing them successfully and responding back to the suggested person.

Make Chrome and Firefox faster with just one click

Don't run Chrome or Firefox without OneTab. Seriously. Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET. If you're anything like me, you keep a lot of browser tabs open. And unless your PC is a serious powerhouse, that can choke performance across the whole system.

Interesting Facts About Firefox You May Not Know

Interesting Facts About Firefox You May Not Know

Internet-users all over the world undoubtedly get familiar with Mozilla Firefox, a free and open source web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite and managed by Mozilla Corporation.

As of March 2011, Firefox is the second most widely used browser with approximately 30% of worldwide usage share of web browsers. However, few people know in detail great achievements Firefox has achieved since it set a Guinness Record in 2008 thanks to more than 8 million unique Firefox 3 downloads within the release day.

Recently, the tech world has warmly welcomed the Firefox 4.0 and expected the launch of Firefox 5, Firefox 6 and Firefox 7 in 2011.

Now, let’s discover some interesting facts about the Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox 4.0


As soon as the Firefox 4.0 was released on Tuesday, March 22, 2011, it has a tremendous amount of downloads

Within just a few short time hours after being released, Mozilla Firefox 4 had been downloaded more than a million times. Particularly, it had nearly 6 million downloads, compared to Internet Explorer 9’s 2.3 million downloads at the end of the first day’s launch.

Mozilla Firefox 4 had a good start with nearly 6 million downloads within the first 24 hours

Mozilla Firefox 4 retains great new features including a simplified interface with the new orange Firefox button (Windows only), pinned tabs for easy access to Web apps, tracking protection, and sync for bookmarks, history and passwords

It also has a faster JavaScript rendering engine, hardware acceleration support and synchronization capabilities


Version 3.0

Mozilla Firefox 3, which was launched on June 17, 2008 and used version 1.9 of the Mozilla Gecko layout engine for displaying web pages, made a Guinness World Record with more than 8 million unique downloads on the first day of release.

The Mozilla Firefox 3 fixed many bugs, enhanced standard compliance and performed new web APIs

It also featured a redesigned download manager, a new “Places” system for storing bookmarks and history, and separate themes for different operating systems


History of Firefox

The Firefox project has been changed its names several times. It was renamed from “Phoenix” to “Firebird” because of trademark issues with Phoenix Technologies. Mozilla Firebird then became Mozilla Firefox on February 9, 2004.

Logo of the Firefox project through the time



Matchstick snuffs out Firefox-based streaming dongle

"After struggling with the DRM development based on Firefox OS for most of this year, we realize continued development of DRM, though showing early signs of promise, will be a long and difficult road," the developers explained in their Kickstarter page.

Why Mozilla Firefox is so popular?

Why Mozilla Firefox is so popular?

If we want to understand the reasons behind Firefox success we have to find the origins of the browser.
During, September 2002 the first version of the browser was released to the public called Phoenix. The browser was based on Gecko engine from Mozilla Suite. After, a number of releases the name was changed to Firebird but due to a legal dispute it was changed again to Firefox. This browser has received a great deal of publicity as an alternative browser to Internet Explorer. (Site analysis)

There are many factors behind Firefox’s success but I think the added features and the marketing strategy make a whole lot difference in users’ adopting the software. Another thing, I want to add is that Internet Explorer after winning the battle with Netscape’s browser was left with no significant changes. Of course, this has changed with the upcoming new version of windows called Vista and a new version of Internet Explorer. I suppose Microsoft is trying to correct some omissions and bugs in various levels of the browser.

We are now going to explore the main features Firefox has at the moment. One of the main goal of the developers working in Firefox is enhanced usability and accessibility for the end user. Tabbed browsing, where you load many pages on the same window, is a valuable feature in Firefox as it can make your browsing a lot faster. Also, pop-up blocking eliminates those irritating ads and the user can easily find information on a particular page using the ‘find as you type’ feature. The built in search bar includes all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. and you can add more search engines if you want. People working on the accessibility of the browser have manged to make Firefox work with several screen readers, screen magnifiers and on-screen keyboards. These accessibility features can help people with impairments browse the Internet easier than before.

Another feature Firefox users like very much is that they can customize easily many aspects of the browser. Extensions such as the popular web developer or the Venkman debugger can be added to the browser and enhance the functionality of Firefox. Users, often like to have an appearance according to their preferences so they use different themes in Firefox. Therefore, themes are used to change the visual appearance of the browser.

Security is really important for end users and corporations. Both, want a secure browser that they can trust without the security holes of Internet Explorer and its ActiveX technology. Mozilla Firefox fulfills this requirement mainly by giving the opportunity to other developers to check the code for security bugs and using various successful security techniques and models such as the sandbox security model. In addition, the browser can be used in many different platforms and the source code is freely available for anyone to compile it and contribute to the project.

We have seen numerous features that Firefox has but I would like to talk a little bit about the marketing strategy that is used. The development of the browser is supported by search engines Google and Yahoo through partnerships and mostly by the open source community. Mozilla Foundation which is responsible for the development of the browser believes that community based marketing can be successful. They have proven their point by using a community based marketing web site called spreadfirefox.com. They were able to place an ad on New York Times through donations made by the community of developers and devotees during the release of Firefox 1.0.

The secret behind Firefox’s success is the valuable features available for the user and the enthusiastic community which helps financially through donations and spreads the word.


Firefox Flash Does Not Function – How Do I Fix Firefox Flash Concerns?

Firefox Flash Does Not Function – How Do I Fix Firefox Flash Concerns?

Maybe you have tried all of the steps and nevertheless the Firefox Flash won’t function within your laptop or computer? Undoubtedly most from the multimedia subject material for the net demands Flash participant. While there is really a new model from the participant (Flash 10) readily available, but lots of people nonetheless usually are not in a position to resolve Flash crashes in Firefox. This trouble is basically troublesome as it crashes movies and distinct style of Flash information in web browsers.

Listed below are provided a number of easy techniques which have been tested and observed to become of excellent support. If your Firefox Flash isn’t going to function then follow these measures:

Stage-one: Repair Flash, Lively-X and Registry Errors

Most of the occasions men and women feel that Flash crashes Firefox browser as a result of some virus or malware infection. Having said that, this is just not correct. The real cause behind Flash crashes, in vast majority of instances, is linked towards the corruption in registry keys developed by the browser and also the flash player. It’s, as a result, suggested to repair Flash, lively-x and other registry errors to fix Firefox Flash crash.

Step-two: Develop a New Firefox Profile

Some people have located support by creating a whole new Firefox profile. This profile makes it possible for you to import information out of your ancient profile and start browsing that has a recently installed Firefox browser. You are able to make a new profilehere. Nevertheless, this possibility may not be suitable for many people who will be accustomed for the current Firefox usage. Consequently, repairing Flash, energetic-x along with the registry errors is actually a preferred option.

Action-three or more: Uninstall The present Flash Participant

As we know Firefox Flash does not perform sometimes and tends to make it hard for us to look at videos online, it truly is better to uninstall the Flash participant and then reinstall the latest version. It is possible to uninstall your present-day version of Flash player out of your computer by making use of the official uninstaller tool from Adobe. It can be crucial to fully get rid of the Flash files for resolving this difficulties.

Action-four: Set up Most current Flash Model or Set up a Prior Version if the Newest Doesn’t Give good results

It truly is encouraged that you just set up the Flash ten player which would be the current model. It is possible to get it from official internet site of Adobe. If Firefox Flash would not function in your own personal computer then shifting the model can assist you to fix the challenge. Nevertheless, to prevent long run instances of Firefox Flash crashes you shall use some beneficial registry repairing plan.

Yahoo! Firefox Toolbar – Know How To Remove Yahoo! Firefox Toolbar

Yahoo! Firefox Toolbar – Know How To Remove Yahoo! Firefox Toolbar

Many users are searching for a good method to uninstall Yahoo! Firefox Toolbar. Are you one of them? Here I will list some methods to remove Yahoo! Firefox Toolbar from Windows XP and Windows Vista.
How to uninstall Yahoo! Firefox Toolbar from Windows XP:
1. Close all the web browsers you are running
2. Click Start, and then click Control Panel
3. Click Add or Remove Programs tab
4.Click Change or Remove Programs button on the left list
5. Scroll down the list and highlight this software, then click Remove to uninstall.
6. Restart your computer
How to uninstall Yahoo! Firefox Toolbar from Windows Vista:
1. Close all the web browsers you are running
2. Click Start, and then click Control Panel
3. Click on Control Panel Home so that Classic View is not active
4. Click Uninstall a Program from the lower-left of the window, or from under the Program section
5. Click View Installed Updates
6. Scroll down the list and highlight application
7. Click Uninstall from the top of the window to remove Yahoo! Firefox Toolbar
8. Restart your computer
Is there any easier way to remove Yahoo! Firefox Toolbar?
From what has been described above, we can see that uninstalling this program from Windows XP and Windows Vista is a little complicated and involved to you, especially if you are not a power user of the computer. What’s more, you may fail in the process of the removal. And even if you can finally get rid of the Yahoo! Firefox Toolbar from your computer by painstaking efforts, there are still some related but unwanted files, errors and entries existing, which can affect your computer performance.

Are you dreaming a software which can entirely remove Yahoo! Firefox Toolbar by only several click? Then you have come to the right place here. Why not try a professional and useful uninstall program such as Best Uninstall Tool? Best Uninstall Tool can help you easily and completely remove all left over files and unneeded registries of Yahoo! Firefox Toolbar.

Create dynamic bookmarks for faster searches in Firefox

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Windows 7 Firefox Crashes – Learn How Firefox Crashes Can Be Fixed

Windows 7 Firefox Crashes – Learn How Firefox Crashes Can Be Fixed

Most people have a very positive experience of net surfing on Windows 7. However, there have been reported a number of browser related errors such as Windows 7 Firefox crashes. The latest operating system from Microsoft is quite stable and efficient. If care is taken to maintain it then such problems can be solved easily.

If you are wondering how Firefox crashes can be solved in Windows 7 then take the following steps which are found to be of great help to fix this issue with this browser:

Repairing Registry: Repair registry errors such as file associations, active-x and other errors largely behind Windows 7 Firefox crashes. Cleaning Windows 7 registry is often helpful to fix the issue in minutes.

Updating/Adjusting Flash: Sometimes it is the Flash player which causes Firefox to crash in Windows 7. You can either install the latest version of Shockwave Flash player or get a previous version in case the latest Flash player is causing Windows 7 Firefox crashes.

You can do this by following these steps:

> Uninstall the existing Flash player using the Adobe official guide ( http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/141/tn_14157.html )

> Now install the latest Flash player from Adobe’s web site. If the latest version is not working then install some previous version of Flash.

Browser Add-ons/Plug-ins: Sometimes due to conflicting add-ons and browser plugins the Windows 7 Firefox crashes. Uninstall any add-on which you have recently installed and after which Firefox is crashing in Windows 7.

Clear Cache, History and Temporary Internet Files: Before running the registry repairing scan clearing cache, history and temporary internet files from the browser is really helpful.

The above guidelines will help you to fix Firefox crashing in Windows 7. If you need a quick fix and do not have the time to follow all the tips then running an effective Registry repairing scan with the Intel Software Partner, RegInOut is of great help.

To fix your problem click: Windows Firefox Crashes.

b2gdroid brings Firefox OS experience to Android devices

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Firefox Lag – Why Firefox Lags, How Do I Fix It?

Firefox Lag – Why Firefox Lags, How Do I Fix It?

Is Firefox your favorite web browser? No doubt it is one of the efficient web browsers available online. However, due to some internal errors such as the registry errors the computer experiences Firefox lag. This is a very annoying problem since it does not allow us to surf internet in a faster way.

If Firefox lags in your computer and you want it to run it faster then you should follow the following guidelines which are found very helpful to end lagging in Firefox:

Clean Windows Registry: The Firefox browser creates a lot of registry entries in Windows registry. It is important to clean registry area to reduce clutter and prevent Firefox from lagging and freezing.

Clear Cache, History and Temporary Internet Files: The more junk is present in your browser, the more will Firefox lag. It is wise to clear cache, history and temporary internet files from the web browser.

Manage Add-ons and Toolbars: Why does Firefox lag when it had no problems in the past? This question is being asked by a lot of Firefox users like you. What happens is that people install a number of toolbars and add-ons which can cause disruption in the normal working of the browser. Uninstalling those add-ons which are causing trouble is helpful to fix this problem.

The above guidelines allow you to fix lagging problem with the Firefox browser. Most of the times this problem is also caused by the Flash errors. The Flash player, if not repaired, can make Firefox run slower as well as cause it to crash and freeze frequently. It is recommended by PC experts to repair Flash, active-x, file associations and other registry errors to make Firefox faster and stable.

If you are looking for a quick fix to stop Firefox lags then use RegInOut registry repairing program. The Intel Software Partner, RegInOut can be download directly by clicking on Firefox Lag.

Firefox browser for iOS is almost ready for testing

It's been a long time coming, but Firefox for iOS is nearly here… in a manner of speaking. Mozilla has revealed that it's about to conduct a "limited" beta test of the web browser, and has already posted source code for early testers. The …

Firefox Crashes Frequently? Learn How to Fix Firefox Crashes Instantly

Firefox Crashes Frequently? Learn How to Fix Firefox Crashes Instantly

Like all browsers, Firefox crashes frequently while we are using Firefox for Internet surfing. Though it is always frustrating when it happens, it is easy to fix the problem.

Once you come across Firefox crashes, the first things that you have to do is to clean the cache. When ever you go to a website, a lot of data get stored in the Firefox cache. Sometimes these files that are stored in the cache can get corrupted and lead to freezing. You have to clean the cache files quite often to prevent such crashes and freezing.

If you want your Firefox to run smoothly without any problem, make sure that you have the reliable add-ons and plugins. Though add-ons and plugins are handy, sometimes they are causing problems. For example, “Quick Time”, “SEO for Firefox” and “Greasemonkey” are some of the add-ons that may lead to Firefox crashes. The best option is to reduce the number of add-ons to avoid any freezing. Just uninstall some unnecessary plugins and add-ons for the smooth functioning of the Firefox.

How to Fix Firefox Crashes

Firefox crashes can also happen if the computer is infested with Viruses like Trojan Horse and Malware. These Viruses can creep into the registry and corrupt the necessary files that need to run the computer. So always have anti-virus software downloaded in your computer.

Another important part that has to be looked into for preventing unexpected Firefox crashing is the registry. The registry is an important part of the computer where all relevant files are stored. Some files in the registry get corrupted that could lead to Firefox crashes. The problem can be easily solved. If you have good knowledge about the structure of registry, you can do the job yourself. If you do not have any idea about cleaning registry, it is better to contact the local computer technician or go for registry cleaning software. Hiring a technician is expensive and moreover, he would also use some registry cleaning to do the work. So the recommended way to clean the registry and preventing unexpected crashing is using a professional registry cleaning software.

House of Cards UI central to Mozilla's plans for Firefox on tellies

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