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Browser Compatibility, one of the biggest issues in web designing

Browser Compatibility, one of the biggest issues in web designing

There are a lot of things that are important to and play a crucial role in web designing. However, one of the most vital issues in web designing is browser compatibility. This is because if your website is not at compatible with all browsers, then you do not know how many potential customers and visitor you would lose, and eventually it will earn you bad reputation in the online market. By now, you might be thinking what actually is browser compatibility?

Browser Compatibility

There are numerous web browsers which help people to browse through web portals with ease. Some of the most popular ones are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Flock etc. And, if your website is not compatible then it will not look ‘calibrated’ on any other browser exactly the way it will look on Google Chrome etc. The CSS slider, if you have any in your website will not work properly, the font size will look different in each web browser, there might be some change in colors as well, and it might also impact the websites’ screen resolution, and to browse the portal thoroughly, visitors might need to scroll it to right and left. Therefore, whenever you get a website designed from a website design company, just tell them that your website should be a browser compatible one.

Moreover, if you are designing it yourself and facing this issue, then try to find the errors in the web portal’s coding, and in order to check that you can take help of html codes validator. There are several websites which offer this service for free. And, if you have also used Cascading Style Sheets, then check for the errors in that coding to via CSS validator. And, once you find the errors, just correct them and then try to check your website on multiple browsers. And if it still possesses the same problem, then go through the coding thoroughly. If you have used table formatting codes like (td, tr), then look if you have defined their width and height, as this might also be the reason for the problem, and if you have not defined it, then do so according to the images used in those rows and columns.

As this might seems to be confusing, you should always try to get the web portals designed by a reputed and experienced web design firm, as it would definitely have the required expertise to handle these kinds of issues.

Washington Post begins blocking readers who are using AdBlock

browser software
The Washington Post is now preventing users from reading content on its site if they are using ad block software which is having harming crucial advertising revenue for the publisher. Readers will now be intermittently redirected to a subscription page …

The Outstanding Blackberry Torch – The Ideal Web Browser

The Outstanding Blackberry Torch – The Ideal Web Browser

Blackberry devices are among the best smartphones for business users. They are slim, sleek and they have a wide range a functionality that makes them perfect for working on the go.


While Blackberry usually caters to the business users, they have recently been producing phones that just about anyone can use and enjoy. One of the phones that support this argument is the Blackberry Torch. This phone has a wide range of capabilities, but one of the best things about this phone is its Web Browsing and Email services. With so many phones focusing on Social Networking and gaming, Blackberry has stuck with improving on the basics and making them much easier to use and attract a wider variety of users.

The most important features of a phone are also the most obvious. The screen size, resolution of the screen, memory, processor and operating system are the things that every person should check before purchasing a new phone. The Blackberry Torch may seem like a very basic phone in some respects, but it provides a very simple but powerful format that is nonexistent with some of the newer and flashier smart phones. The screen of the Blackberry is a 3.2 inch touch screen that has a resolution of 360 by 480. While they are not very flashy specs, they are enough to provide users with a quality screen to view everything they need. 

Perhaps the most crucial spec for users that rely on the Blackberry Torch mostly for web surfing is the RAM and processor speeds. Not only does the RAM determine how well the phone will load a specific web page but the processor allows users to skim their phone without lag and slow load times. The Torch has 512MB of RAM and a processor speed of 624 MHz to allow users to surf the web and load web pages quick and efficiently. Also, the phone has Blackberry 6 Operating System installed that better utilizes the RAM and processor to provide the extra speed when it is required.

While the Blackberry Torch has the hardware and software to support a great web browsing experience, it is useless unless the user has a good Internet connection. This particular phone supports 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and can connect to the 3G network with a qualifying data plan. The quad-band 3G support that the phone has makes it even faster when connected to the cell phone network than many smart phones. The Wi-Fi support is nice for users that want that little extra speed when they are at home or in the office.

Overall, the Blackberry Torch is very good phone for someone that wants power and efficiency but does not care about having a gaming phone. With Email on this phone, users can keep track of all of their messages in one location. This is much better than loading a web page and logging in each time the person wants to send an email. The user interface is stylish and user friendly which is one reason why it is not only for business users, but the business end of the phone is as efficient and productive as any other Blackberry device.

Making of a Platform and Browser Compatible Website Design

Making of a Platform and Browser Compatible Website Design

What is the use of the website that is neither compatible with the browser nor with the platform? ZERO! That is what you would say when the information in the website is not seen at all. The issue of compatibility prevails just because the configuration of the web designer computer is absolutely different from the configuration of the visitors computer.

Some of the key issues pertaining to compatibility are as follows.

Resolution of the Screen:
The types of screen resolutions that are usually used for website design are 800×600, 1024×768, and 640×480. Earlier websites with screen resolution 800×600 accounted for more than half of the total websites followed by the websites with screen resolution 1024×768 with nearly one third of the total website. Now most of the websites are either with screen resolution 800×600 or 1024×768. The major drawback of screen resolution 1024×768 is that most the visitors have to scroll the screen horizontally and this is at time uncomfortable and irritating for the visitor especially if the scroll bar is not provided.

Facilitating the visitor with a comfortable website is the onus of the website designer and this can be accomplished by either fluid design or a design with screen resolution that is either 800×600 or 640×480. The best characteristic of fluid design is that the webpage gets automatically adjusted to the screen resolution of the visitors monitor. It is always better to opt for a screen resolution less than 800×600. If the situations compel to have a canvas greater than 800×600 screens resolution it would be better to post some advertisements on the right hand side so that the content is moved a bit towards the left. The advertisements become optional but at the same time the content can be read without scrolling left or right. The web page can usually be made to fit into different screen resolutions through the alternative of adjusting the relative width like 90%, 80% and 100%

Colors of Color:
What may look beautiful in the monitor of the webpage designer may look ugly in the visitors monitor. This is usually because of the color system used for web design and the color palette on the computer of the visitor. The color codes can give different systems. If the web designer has 256 color setting system and the visitor has 24-bit color system the required effect of the color will not be there. This is because of the difference in the number of colors on the color palette of the web designer and the visitor.

The use of color combinations that are in the multiples of hexadecimal is slowly reducing because this technique is going old. A 16 bit color palette is neither equal to nor a substitute for 24 bit palette.

The availability of Java Script and frames need to be also considered for making the website compatible with browser and platform technology. For the most compatible website design a professional and reliable expert web designer should be contacted.

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SPINX is a Web Development and Atlanta Web Design company providing different services for Web Design Georgia, in Local area and Worldwide.

Spyware Removal. Pop-Ups And Browser Redirects

Spyware Removal. Pop-Ups And Browser Redirects

Nowadays almost all of us use a PC on a daily basis and unfortunately most of us have experienced issues caused by viruses or spyware. If you are have experienced these issues in the past, you will have some idea of how tricky spyware removal and virus removal can be.

For those of you who have not, it is possible that these stealthy programs have both compromised your privacy and affected your PC’s performance without your knowledge.

How can I tell if I have a spyware problem?

Whether using a PC for work purposes, online shopping or simply to keep up-to-date with our friends through social media sites such as Facebook or twitter, it’s safe to say that many of us now know how to perform basic everyday tasks and know exactly what to expect when using programs such as web browsers. But what happens when things happen that we don’t expect?

For instance, imagine for a second that you are shopping online for a new pair of shoes and suddenly without warning your Internet browser is redirected to a totally unrelated page which offers you deals on car stereos. You may be inclined to think that somewhere along the line you have clicked a wrong button. But low and behold when you try again, the same thing happens.

What is happening?… Is my PC broken?

No. Your PC is not broken but this is a clear indication that spyware may be present on your system and that spyware removal may be necessary. Spyware programs have the ability to cause minor annoyances such as allowing pop-ups to appear or the redirecting of your Internet browser, but there are far more worrying aspects to spyware.

Spyware programs also have the ability to create a record of everything that you type on your keyboard. This allows spyware to collect all of your personal information, including names, addresses, e-mail addresses, passwords and bank/credit card details. These programs can give the author complete access to your virtual identity, allowing them to use your information in a variety of ways, ranging from low-risk problems such as the advertising of third-party products to you via pop-ups, right up to the more serious high-risk problems including identity theft.

If you fear that your system may be infected, you should contact a spyware removal expert for help as soon as possible.

The rise of ad blocking software in India

browser software
But there is, and Indians, along with people across the world, are increasingly turning to software that can block ads from browsers, or ad blocking software. The number of people actively using ad blockers in India increased from 2 million (second …

Firefox – The leading web browser throughout the world

Firefox – The leading web browser throughout the world

Model Gecko rendering engine is followed by Firefox to view web pages requested each time and the model of the information displayed consists of all the standard features updated in addition to several other samples of features that are proposed to add in future versions of the browser. Current features of Firefox is it allows tabbed browsing, download manager, spell checking and incognito. Some of these features may be additions made by several other developers who have made significant efforts to improve the experience of working with this browser.

Firefox has been adapted to work on any operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and several other platforms. Basically, this project was started only on an experimental basis by Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross, who became popular with all the added features. The multi-platform Web browser’s home was possible to improve the functionality of the browser and its capabilities with other themes.


Mozilla Firefox Download Free is also available in several languages ??making them available internationally and spread their roots through a number of nations. Some reasons for Mozilla Firefox Free download Are avoid pop ups, spyware, malware and adware automatically without disturbing the user each time their work. The ease with which pages can be navigated on the site and faster, secure web browsing without complicating things for users is also the reason for the choice of Mozilla Firefox free download.


Mozilla aims to provide the best possible product to their customers who are the main reason for it to become the most wanted web browser rather than others. Download Mozilla Firefox has increased largely from the time of his invention, and they also take particular care on the suggestions made by users about the product regardless of the level of expertise of the user. The company will consider the suggestions given to them and also made efforts in implementing them successfully meet the nominee.


For navigation even faster after downloading the settings of the story must be canceled, that will not save any files to the sites covered thereby increasing the browsing speed. All files downloaded from the sites, their entry should be erased from history and will also add to the browsing speed. Mozilla always puts in the effort to give only their best customers and satisfy all requirements, they also endeavor to take measures to educate people using the Internet on the effective use and better.


Firefox download can be done from the official website of the Firefox since it can be dependable and is also free.
Mozilla strives to give best products possible to their customers which are the main reason for it to become the most searched web browser rather than any others. Mozilla Firefox download has increased largely from the time of its invention, and they also take particular care about the suggestions given by users regarding the product irrespective of the user expertise level. The company pays heed to the suggestions given to them and also makes efforts in implementing them successfully and responding back to the suggested person.

Make Chrome and Firefox faster with just one click

Don't run Chrome or Firefox without OneTab. Seriously. Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET. If you're anything like me, you keep a lot of browser tabs open. And unless your PC is a serious powerhouse, that can choke performance across the whole system.

Browser Vendors Pointing The Country Secure Network Consumer Market – The Browser, Network Security

Browser Vendors Pointing The Country Secure Network Consumer Market – The Browser, Network Security

HC Network Security A time when early winter, with the advent of the global two Ruixue Financial Crisis gradually retreat to meet “Estuary of the Snow,” saying, all sectors are showing strong signs of recovery. Among E-commerce Market , With the development of the Internet has gradually become a new model for business activities, more and more people conduct business via the Internet. Stock trading, shopping, real-time transfer, or purchase of electricity by water recharge and other common user habits are systematically transferred to the Internet. , With the consumption of heat network Xing, tried to use the Internet to behind the huge profits are waiting in the wings waiting for an opportunity latent insecurity, Web application security functions more and more public concern. Anti-

Duba Virus Expert Once the external claims, there are 10% -15% of Chinese Internet users use the browser, instant messaging, games and other software, have contact with fraudulent information. According to Duba Cloud Security Center monitoring data show that in September, “50,680 sites were Detect Trojan hanging out, surveyed over 8,166,442 people; 7,882 sites were identified fishing behavior, number of visitors reached 14,458,896 people more. “Clearly, the web page linked to horses, phishing sites are still hundreds of millions of Internet users in China’s two biggest threats to Internet security, predictability and Internet software vendors Technology R & D capability is a strong backing to protect network security.

Browser as a user access to the Internet’s first entrance, the security protection against viruses growing importance. To this end, the reporter visited the largest professional research and development center browser? Maxthon (Maxthon) browser. According to Maxthon R & D Center for Chen Xiaoxu said, with the Internet becoming more and more closely integrate with reality, how to protect networks of personal information is very important. For the regular consumer in terms of online shopping, select a user-friendly and a good browser security can not only optimize online shopping process, but also the maximum virus, Trojan horse nipped in the bud stage.

Same time, the official also said that future browser will assume the duties of the operating system, must have professional and comprehensive security features. Maxthon a year ago began offering the browser security mechanisms, and through close cooperation between the well-known companies, is committed to a more secure and reliable browser development. In addition, in the first half and focus on solving the e-commerce cooperation Alipay security, stability and other issues, most recently and Jinshan cooperation, the official launch of version Maxthon web browser shields together to protect the user’s browsing the web more secure, but also become the Baidu, MSN, the Jinshan Yun security plan is another important partner.

Now, along with the network security situation, simply relying on the browser or anti-virus software can not always escape the barriers behind closed doors. In terms of the domestic Internet companies, Internet security situation in close connection with changes in the demand does not affect the premise of user applications, to enhance communication with other vendors to integrate use of all technical resources to provide users with multiple levels of protective measures , maximum consumer protection network security.



Fescalo is a complete business administration software that be accessed online via any browser. Applications are CRM (Customer Relation Management), Contract- and Rental Management, Ordering & Fulfilment and Billing.

Since 1999 Fescalo distinguishes itself by offering web-based software which guarantees enormous flexibility: platform independence, accessible everywhere, no software installations or maintenance, easy to link with your website (e.g. placing orders, adding prospects). In addition Fescalo is internationally focused, ideal for companies with several branches abroad who want to use local regional settings, language and other conventions.

Fescalo is a fully browser based application, yet provides a high quality user interface. Many web based software products provide a poor experience for many users, especially compared to the common desktop applications. Fescalo offers a modern professional and intuitive interface in any web browser but with all the features and benefits of traditional standalone applications.

Fescalo facilitates in various business processes:

1. CRM – Customer relationship Management

Management of clients, prospects and contacts as well as Call Management (actionlists and tasks assigned to individual users). Manage documents and emails to streamline correspondence. In addition the system offers an array of options to help with sales campaigns and differentiation of relations into clientgroups. Every client in Fescalo is directly linked to contract management, billing and ordering.

2. Contract- and subscription management

Contract management is related to services that require periodical payments such as rent, lease, maintenance contracts, support etc. Also various extra functions are included: add contract supplements, setup price policy, generation of bulk correspondence (invoices, registration letters, renewals and invoice reminders)

3. Article Management & Fulfilment

Ordering implies the delivery of articles. These can be manually created of generated in bulk through Fescalo. Fescalo offers Article Management, Warehouse Management and the fulfillment.

4. Invoice Management

Fescalo help you to optimize you billing process: import bank statements, setup reminder settings, credit notes, manage the sales ledger, create invoices and reminders. With an extensive export functionality you are able to link Fescalo with other applications

Try the demo today at http://www.fescalo.com and unlock you business potential today!

Skype im Browser nutzen

browser software
Um Skype zu verwenden, musste der Benutzer bislang ein separates Anwendungsprogramm herunterladen und installieren. Stattdessen lässt sich jetzt auch eine Online-Variante über den Browser betreiben, die sich allerdings noch in der Versuchsphase …

Browser based ERP system suits today’s business process

Browser based ERP system suits today’s business process

You may ask – what makes eresource ERP different from other ERP software available in the market? The first and foremost reason being that eresource is an Indian browser based ERP software developed exclusively for the Indian market, especially the Small and Medium scale Enterprises.

Looking at the contribution made by the SMEs in the Indian manufacturing industry, eresource felt it is necessary to provide them with a suitable business application that will ease their operational methods and bring growth to the industry. A browser based ERP solution will be an ideal solution to suit their needs and budget as eresource ERP needs a limit financial investment.

There was a time when implementation of ERP solution was a long lost dream for many of the SMEs in India. They never imaged implementation of ERP could be within their reach in near future. But introduction of an affordable low-cost browser based ERP by eresource was a dream comes true for the Indian SMEs. The reason why we have come out with this kind of a solution is that if Indian SMEs could perform tremendously with the limited resources they have, they can also bring miracles in the industry

We were sure that the implementation web-based browser supported eresource ERP will definitely change the way they work and also it can make the impact on their production sector, in both quality and quantity wise.

Another matter of success with browser based eresource ERP is its quick implementation. Unlike other ERP systems, browser based eresource ERP system could be brought into action within a limit time as its implementation process takes a minimum time. When the conditions are approved by an organization the system could be deployed to its operational level within 90 days of time. That is a record time period when considering other ERP systems implementation process.

Over and above, eresource Infotech serves all our ERP customers directly, unlike some ERP vendors who have a strategy to serve the large client directly whilst, directing SMEs to their re-sellers or consultants. Though our client list too include many large enterprises, when it comes to business we are impartial. That’s our policy practice, indeed.

For more information kindly visit: http://www.eresourceerp.com/browser-based-ERP.html

Please Contact us at:
TMA House, 1st Floor,Road No 16, Plot No. 6,Wagle Industrial Estate,Thane (West) 400 604, Maharashtra, Tel: +91 22 25827692/+91 22 25828775/+91 22 65130234

Laugh Your Browser Reflect Your Personality How

Laugh Your Browser Reflect Your Personality How

Editor’s Note: There are vast Internet browser, which is different, as if everyone else, there are always some local acquaintances. Here is a foreign friend ridicule based browser user character, although the banter, but including some reason, interested friends may wish to a look:

I often according to a person using a browser to evaluate a person, believe it or not, your choice of browser often reflect your personality.

IE 5.0: You use a computer only to real-time chat, write emails and blog. You stubbornly refuse to upgrade your that old WIN98, because you do not need too many functions and that WIN98 had been working to good. You also may not use any antivirus software, you are only a month to your son, nephew or friend to clean the virus only.

Old IE5 IE 6.0: You probably do not know what “browser” and that IE is the Internet. You have no clear concept of technology, and you often feel afraid of the computer. Similarly, you use a computer that was only for real-time chat, write emails and blog. Maybe your friend has been mentioned to you, “fired the fox” (FiredFox), but you did not understand that in the end what is not prepared to spend time on it.

IE6 using the largest IE 7.0: You think you are standing on the cutting edge of technology, at the same time that Microsoft is the greatest company on earth. As for the evil “Lenoux” operating system (audio with Linux) is prepared by the terrorists out. You posted the walls in the bedroom Steve? Ballmer (Microsoft CEO) of the poster, and want in the future could become a second Bill? Gates. You thought of “Vista” will be trembling with excitement, restlessness.

Comes with Microsoft Vista, IE7, officially released yet

Firefox 1.x: You are cute and somewhat foolish, and proud to FireFox. You are a strong supporter of the open source movement, do you think Chad reason? Matthew? Stallman is the “real man.” You actually do not care about FireFox is not more secure than IE, faster?? You have been using FireFox even if it’s ten times less efficient than IE. You just because you get a free, open source and has a huge support community is pleased browser. Whenever you are installing at least seven essential extension.

Free, open source FireFox get the support of many people

Firefox 2.0 Beta:

You are a programmer during the day, at night you will become an open source software developers. Otherwise, you’re a crazy fan of Firefox. You are interested in reporting you meet each Bug, most likely you have already released an open source project at least a patch. Do you like tinkering on the program, and will not care about their computer running beta software. After all, the discovery of new Bug and modify the latest software for you, full of fun.

NSA planned Google Play hack to target Android smartphones

browser software
But by blocking ads, the browser plug-in can significantly reduce the number of tracking cookies that get installed on your computer. The software, available for most widely used modern browsers, is used by more than 50 million people. It's also open …

Mozilla Exec Claims Ie9 Is ‘not A Modern Browser

Mozilla Exec Claims Ie9 Is ‘not A Modern Browser

Microsoft says IE9 is “the world’s fastest browser.” Mozilla claims IE9 doesn’t even qualify as modern.

As Mozilla’s Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 move closer to release, the browser makers are sparring over each other’s HTML5 capabilities, lobbing insults and contradictory test results.

After Microsoft claimed IE9 achieves 99% compliance with HTML5, compared to Firefox’s 50%, Mozilla Corp. technology “evangelist” Paul Rouget fired back with a blog post titled “Is IE9 a modern browser? NO.”

HTML5 BATTLES: Microsoft guy slams “President of the United States of Google”

The HTML5 standard won’t be finished until 2014, so the posturing at this point is mostly for public relations. The World Wide Web Consortium has said it’s too early to draw broad conclusions from HTML5 tests, but that’s exactly what browser makers are doing.

Microsoft said it has submitted nearly 4,000 HTML5 tests to standards bodies, and that users can try the tests themselves – but only on an official Microsoft Web site.

Microsoft, which is also fighting a standards battle with Google over the codecs to be used in HTML5 videos, said this month that it has “the world’s fastest browser.” But Rouget begs to differ, saying it’s no wonder Microsoft’s own tests show IE9 knocking HTML5 out of the park.

“Does IE9 support 99% of the HTML5 specification as insinuated by Microsoft? No, they’re actually pretty far from it,” Rouget writes. “The tests Microsoft are referring to are the ones they created during the development of IE9. It’s not that surprising that they pass the very tests they used to design and develop the browser – we score pretty well against our own unit-tests as well. The primary use case for these tests, however, is to spot regressions and validate code changes. In other words: the tests ensure that future changes don’t break the things you just built. They don’t actually test all elements of a specific standard.”

Rouget pointed to a “real world test” on the site Caniuse.com, which he said shows Firefox 4 achieving 84% compatibility with all Web standards, compared to 61% for IE9. He also pointed to HTML5test.com, which has Firefox 4 achieving a score of 255 to IE9’s 130.

Those scores are based on development and beta versions. For stable browser versions (IE8 and Firefox 3.6.8), Microsoft scores just 32 and Firefox just 156.

Google’s Chrome, meanwhile, receives an HTML5 score of 283 for its stable version and 293 for the beta version, besting all desktop and mobile browsers.

But still another test puts IE9 in the lead. Former Linden Lab CTO Cory Ondrejka, now at Facebook, tested how HTML5 could apply to Web-based games, and posted results showing IE9 outstripping Chrome, with Firefox, Opera and Apple’s Safari well behind.

Mozilla’s Rouget doesn’t mention Chrome’s HTML5 results, but does provide a list of 17 features he says aren’t supported by IE9, including HTML5 forms, JavaScript Strict Mode, application cache, and drag and drop from the desktop.

“The reality is that IE9 is two years late,” Rouget writes. “Microsoft is glad to come out with the (VIDEO) tag, the (CANVAS) tag, SVG, and some CSS3. Like other vendors did years ago. Firefox 3.5 had the (VIDEO) tag, the (CANVAS) tag, Geolocation, SVG in 2009. Canvas and SVG existed five years ago.”

Rouget identifies only two IE9 features not supported in rival browsers – text-overflow and Calc. “That’s why I don’t consider IE9 a modern browser,” he concludes.

In response to Rouget’s blog, Microsoft released a statement saying:

“We spent much time researching and looking at what developers are building today and what they want to build tomorrow to define what we build in Internet Explorer 9 today. We used that research to inform our view of HTML5 and the pieces that matter most to designers and developers in building these next set of experiences on the Web. In terms of HTML5 defined, it remains a combination of what developers will want to do and the definitions set forth by the W3C as the ultimate authority in defining standards for the Web.”

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