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Google Chrome: Top Ten Best Add-Ons

Google Chrome: Top Ten Best Add-Ons

In December 2008, Google finally launched the beta version of web browser Google Chrome for Microsoft Windows which was developed thanks to the WebKit layout engine. Four years later, Google Chrome becomes the busiest browser among Internet users. Currently Firefox offers the best adds on and the gap between Mozilla’s and Chrome’s extension library has been narrowed largely. The search giant provides the increasing number of best productivity-based extensions to standard Google Chrome. Here are ten top Google Chrome add-ons or extensions that keep you focused and productive when you are facing to many distractions.


Google Chrome Add-On 1: Stay Focused

Stay Focused function assists users to set a limit on your favorite website. When the time is over, Google Chrome automatically blocks the sites on your computer on the rest of the day.


Google Chrome Add-On 2: Manage Windows And Tabs

Too Many Tabs helps to manage a huge number of open windows.


Google Chrome Add-On 3: Never Forget

“Last Pass” is genuinely useful for those who forget their password due to the number of many online passwords.


Google Chrome Add-On 4: Leave It To Chance

If you are wasting time making decisions, try out the Random Magic extension. Just simply roll a pair of dice and choose random number.


Google Chrome Add-On 5: Get Organized

The Todoist task manager is the leading online to-do list which helps to keep life in order.


Google Chrome Add-On 6: Be On Time

“Cool Clock” operates like an digital desktop time notification which informs hours, calendar and alarm.

Google Chrome Add-On 7: Get Creative – Conveniently

Aviary allows users to edit photos directly within your browser.


Google Chrome Add-On 8: Open Your Ears, Rest Your Eyes

Speak it! Is the worth-trying advanced text to speech solution which actually reads for you.


Google Chrome Add-On 9: Turn Off The Lights

“Turn Off The Lights” keeps only your media player bright to focus you in your favorite videos in peace.


Google Chrome Add-On 10: Hide FB Questions

The “Hide FB Questions” helps to avoid the questions from social networking sites the next time.



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The best way to Speed Up Google Chrome

The best way to Speed Up Google Chrome

A person of your fastest browsers readily available on-line is Chrome. While it performs nicely most of the moments but often it starts to malfunction instantly. Many consumers have noted multiple errors similar to this browser. A couple of of these troubles are that Chrome runs sluggish, it crashes, Flash Participant isn’t going to function correctly with all the browser and also that it redirects to some unwanted word wide web sites. All these difficulties which include how to speed up Search engines Chrome are intertwined and might be fixed through a unified tactic.

As you will discover very quite a few problems occurring in Chrome, the sluggish pace of your browser is easiest to fix. Generally tuning up internal Windows settings and getting rid of the browsers junk end result in improved browser velocity.

If Google Chrome jogging sluggish with your laptop or computer then adhere to these suggestions:

1 > Clear Windows Registry

This strategy will never only speed up Yahoo Chrome but also fix most browser and pc errors resulting in the internal corruption in the Windows registry. The registry is actually a essential component and too much load within this area can make browser slow as well as cause it to crash or freeze frewuently. You ought to initial of all do this point so as to speed up the Chrome.

2 > Clear Chrome Junk

As we browse, there continuously accumulates browser junk which consist of internet historical past recordsdata, download historical past, cookies and temporary world wide web data. This junk info shall be taken out everyday to get pleasure from quicker browsing. Though you can use the Chrome’s internal possibility to get rid of this records but it’s wise to make use of an external software including a pc optimization application. This kind of a computer software can not simply cleanse Chrome’s junk in a sooner way but also fix the registry errors.

3 > Delete Excessive Add-ons

The add-ons also known as extensions in Search engines Chrome are really valuable. Nonetheless, some of those extensions are notorious and may make Chrome sluggish. Not simply this some of your extensions are also identified to be behind the freezing and crashing concerns with this browser.

It truly is smart to delete people add-ons which are not regularly utilised. This, in addition to cleansing registry and browser junk, can very easily velocity up Google Chrome.

4 > Clean up Windows Junk Data

There’s also an enormous junk data files files that gathers within the Windows. This records can slow decrease your website browser. It is a fantastic habit to on a regular basis clear away this knowledge from time to time via some beneficial LAPTOP optimization resource.

Click Here to Go Speed Up Chrome

Version 43 Is A New Stable Update To Google Chrome

Google Chrome
Google Chrome is a popular web browser, thanks to the repeated updates and bug fixes the developers have produced that work to make it run more smoothly and efficiently. As we're now up to Chrome 43.0, you'd think there wouldn't be that much more the …

The best way to Speed Up Google Chrome

The best way to Speed Up Google Chrome

1 with the fastest browsers accessible on the net is Chrome. Though it performs well most in the moments but from time to time it starts to malfunction instantly. Numerous people have reported numerous errors connected to this browser. A few of these difficulties are that Chrome runs slow, it crashes, Flash Participant doesn’t get the job done adequately while using browser and also that it redirects to some unwanted internet sites. All these difficulties including tips on how to velocity up Search engines Chrome are intertwined and is usually fixed as a result of a unified method.

As there are far too many difficulties occurring in Chrome, the sluggish velocity with the browser is easiest to fix. Typically tuning up internal Windows settings and eradicating the browsers junk end result in improved browser velocity.

If Google Chrome operating sluggish in your own pc then follow these suggestions:

1 > Clear Windows Registry

This method won’t only velocity up Search engines Chrome but also fix most browser and laptop or computer errors resulting from the internal corruption inside Windows registry. The registry is a crucial component and too much load within this region can make browser slow as well as cause it to crash or freeze frewuently. You need to initial of all do that factor so as to speed up the Chrome.

2 > Thoroughly clean Chrome Junk

As we browse, there continuously accumulates browser junk which contain web history files, download heritage, cookies and short-term world wide web data files. This junk knowledge shall be deleted each day to love more quickly browsing. Even though you may use the Chrome’s internal solution to eliminate this records but it truly is smart to make use of an external application such as a computer optimization software program. These types of a software program can not only cleanse Chrome’s junk in the more rapidly way but also fix the registry errors.

3 > Delete Excessive Add-ons

The add-ons also named extensions in Search engines Chrome are rather helpful. On the other hand, some of these extensions are notorious and may make Chrome gradual. Not merely this some of your extensions are also found for being behind the freezing and crashing problems with this browser.

It truly is smart to delete those add-ons which can be not often applied. This, in addition to cleaning registry and browser junk, can simply speed up Bing Chrome.

4 > Thoroughly clean Windows Junk Files

There is also an enormous junk files knowledge that gathers within the Windows. This information can sluggish straight down your word wide web browser. It is a fantastic habit to on a regular basis remove this records from time for you to time as a result of some great LAPTOP optimization resource.

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Google Releases Chrome 43 Stable for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows

Google Chrome
Google was proud to announce today, May 18, the immediate availability for download of the Google Chrome 43 web browser for all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. It appears that this is a bugfix-only release …

IE9s Best New Tools Revealed

IE9s Best New Tools Revealed

Microsoft has unveiled the first public beta version of its new browser, Internet Explorer 9 (www.microsoft.com/ie9), and it’s packed with impressive features. With IE9, Microsoft hopes to win back some of the surfers who have abandoned the browser in favor of rivals such as Firefox and Chrome. Back in August 2008, IE was used by almost 70 per cent of surfers. Statistics published in August revealed that this figure had shrunk to 51 per cent.

Part of the reason for IE9’s fall in popularity was the introduction in March this year of an EU requirement that forced Microsoft to let Windows users choose which browser they use, rather than simply bundling IE onto all new Windows PCs. So the success of IE9, which isn’t compatible with XP (see box top right), is crucial to Microsoft if it wants to hold onto its dominance of the browser market.

Microsoft has high hopes for IE9, claiming it will make the web “a more beautiful place” by using the new HTML5 web standard. Here’s Web User’s guide to the new tools it has to offer.
Redesigned user interface

IE9 has been designed so that the screen displays as much of a website as possible and the area dedicated to browser controls is minimal. Microsoft found when observing surfers’ online behavior that the Back button was the most clicked button on any browser, so in IE9 it has been enlarged. Similarly, the company’s research showed that people rarely click the Home button, so this has been moved to the right of the window. Error messages now appear at the bottom of the window so they are less distracting.
One-box search

The address bar and search box in IE9 have been merged, with this one box now performing both tasks. When you start typing into the address bar, results from your browsing history will appear, as will search results from the web – you can choose which search engine IE9 uses to do this (Google, Bing, Yahoo and Wikipedia are the default options). This search feature can be switched on and off to protect your privacy, Microsoft said. By switching it off, your keystrokes can’t be traced for phishing purposes. You can also set the address bar to automatically send you to the top search result each time.

Tabbed browsing is standard across most web browsers but in IE9, Microsoft aims to make it more intuitive. Now, when you open a new tab, a page of recently visited sites appears in a grid – in much the same was as it does in Opera, Chrome and Safari. Each has a ‘favicon,’ making the site instantly recognizable, as well as an activity bar indicating how often you visit that site. Microsoft’s research also found that many surfers will open no more than five tabs at a time so the size of the tab bar has been reduced to reflect this. The amount of space given to a single tab is now proportional to the size of the screen.

By: Francis David

Secure Web Browser Maxthon Is The Best Choice

Secure Web Browser Maxthon Is The Best Choice

Recent years, with viruses, Trojans and other malicious programs on the Internet wantonly spread, I believe that many users have been inadvertently “caught” experiences. Users also must have a lot of harassment often malicious Web site – even in the case without notice to visit a phishing site, “over to” give up their banking transactions passwords, resulting in economic losses.

In fact, viruses, trojans and other malware are not a scourge. In most cases, malicious programs just by tampering with the user’s browser registry information related to key implantation, resulting in the basic browser failure protection, and then fool security software and firewalls, to the purpose of its invasion.

So in recent years, not just security software vendors are continually introducing new anti-virus products, firewall tools to protect users surfing the web are not viruses, and many browser manufacturers have introduced so-called “Safety Browser,” “Private browser, “and so on. The browser claims to be the effective protection of the user’s browsing security, blocking malicious addresses, plug-ins, and automatically identify malicious sites and linked to horses, phishing site. However, many users may have realized that, in the professional installation of these so-called browser, accidentally still be viruses, will still be hanging Horse beset pages and pop. In the end how to contain these viruses do pages and pages linked to horse? In fact, without the use of so-called “Safety Browser”, with most users currently popular Maxthon browser, you can easily identify the page linked to horse, and automatically block malicious programs running at the same time will pop-up prompts, allows users to choose whether run and stop.

Example, when users are accessing the web trying to run through the Maxthon browser, the software when a paragraph, and other direct clearance browser is different, Maxthon browser for users to block the program to run, and will automatically pop-up dialogue box prompts the user whether to stop the run (Figure 1).

Dialog in safety monitoring, we can see, the user can demand their own use and choose “stop this” (the current program will not run), or choose “only allows the implementation of The operation “(let go of this, the next run time will still pop-up safety monitoring prompt, users need to re-select). And “join the trust list, always allow this action” option, can be automatically added to Maxthon browser security control procedures among the list of trust, which are commonly called “white list” in the future do not run this program will again get the prompt.

Been measured, when the author used for testing, not even the disguise of security tools to prevent “Trojan horse” program, trying to run Maxthon Browser, Maxthon browser will automatically pop-up safety monitoring warning for the user, indicating the number of this program Certificate Situations and paths. Users to stop, select “stop this action,” the camouflaged program will not run, can not implant into the user system

Update your browser now for 4 critical security fixes

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Finding the Best Antivirus Software Solution

Finding the Best Antivirus Software Solution

Viruses have existed before the advent of Windows operating systems. It only takes a few lines of code along with some creativity to make a software program that is self-replicating. Some of the more sophisticated viruses reside on the computer’s boot sector making them more difficult to remove. As technology advanced, virus coders thought of more ideas on how to penetrate desktop security and even some third-party security software. You will need to equip your computer with the best antivirus software if you wish to keep these malicious threats at bay. It will take a few basic tricks that you must apply before you can find the best antivirus solutions.

Sticking with the Free Software

Many of the top companies that deliver quality antivirus still ask for a license fee and a subscription fee just to keep the updates rolling. While these programs are often piled with some useful features from in-depth scanning to firewalls and anti-spam filters, free software are quickly catching up in terms of basic and essential features. What matters most is that the system is protected from malware in real-time right after the free program is installed. This is exactly what the goals of the best free antivirus software programs, like Microsoft Security Essentials and AVG are.

Observing the User Interface

The web is full of critics that enjoy reviewing antivirus software because they want to help users make the decision as to what virus scanner to get. There are tons of antivirus programs available that promise total desktop security so these reviews can greatly help you make the choice. But users may have different opinions than the critics so it is best to judge each program yourself by looking at the screenshots. If you see that the interface is friendly for you, try the program out and see if it is easy to operate.

Experimenting with the Resource Usage

There are some desktop computers and netbooks that have low system specs so even running the best antivirus programs out there may cause more harm to the system because they take up too many system resources causing the system to bog down. It is better to go with the best free antivirus solutions in this case because they are lighter due to the stripped down features. Microsoft Security Essentials has its own advantage for deeply integrating itself with Windows. You can check how much memory the antivirus program is using by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Esc and then clicking the “Processes” tab and then look for the filename of the virus scanner and see how much RAM it consumes.

Security Performance Testing

When testing the performance of any desktop security program, you must make sure that the scanner is efficient in getting rid of viruses. You can test it if you have any spare USB flash drives that may have past infections. Although some people may be turned off with the programs that carry out operations slowly, long scans should be considered good because they often use bigger databases and search for every file.

TOP 10 Best Antivirus Software 2015

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The best Mac and iOS apps in 2010

The best Mac and iOS apps in 2010

Following up on my article about the best Mac apps I used in 2010, here are some of the best hybrid “Mac and iOS apps” I used in 2010. This wasn’t an attempt to come up with a specific number, just the results of some careful reflection.

You may wonder why some apps appear on this list instead of the Mac list. For example, Dropbox has an iOS app, why not add it here? Because my primary use of Dropbox is on the Mac. Yes I use it with iOS, but it’s usually through another app that is syncing back to my Mac. On the other hand, using OmniFocus for iPad (our review) led to me using OmniFocus for Mac more, so I put OmniFocus on this list.

All that is to say, these are my distinctions, and you are free to disagree with them.

1) myPhoneDesktop (or MPD) is a little-known gem of the iOS world. The US$ 5 universal iOS app pairs with desktop software on your Mac, Windows or Linux PC, laptop batteries and it allows you to send text, phone numbers and even images to your iOS device. While there are lots of pasteboard sharing apps (like Pastebot) that allow two-way sharing of pasteboard data, I find myself using MPD much more often because it is simpler and easier to use.

If I am on my Mac and want to download a new app on my iPad, I select the URL from Safari and press command (⌘) + C + C (just like regular “copy” except you press “C” twice). Instantly, I get a push notification from MPD on my iPad, which opens the link, hands it off to the App Store app, and I purchase and download the app right from my iPad.

Since I first reviewed it, MPD has been continually improved and updated, including support for iCab Mobile on iOS devices as well as GoodReader and even GV Connect, which means that you can place a call through Google Voice on your iPhone from a message sent from your computer!

Read on for more…

2) 2010 saw the arrival of a Windows version of 1Password. While I don’t use Windows, my wife has to use it for school, so I was very glad it was available. Like Dropbox, so much has been said about 1Password that I fear saturation will set in, so I will keep my comments on it brief (we’ve talked about it much more here).

1Password on the Mac and iOS remains a crucial part of my computing experience and online security. How else would I manage almost 700 logins? Thanks to 1Password, each of my passwords is highly complex, secure and most importantly unique, which helped keep my information safe even after the Gawker security debacle. The ability to sync to Dropbox without having to go through a computer is superb, and despite the fact that iOS doesn’t allow 1Password to integrate with Safari like Mac OS X does, with multitasking in iOS 4, the copy/login process is fairly painless and quick. (Pricing: $ 60 for Windows and Mac bundle; $ 40 for Mac; $ 30 for Windows (beta); $ 10 for iPhone or iPad, or $ 15 for a universal app.)

3) TextExpander for the Mac ($ 35) and TextExpander touch for iOS ($ 5) makes my Mac and iPad experience much richer. There are several similar macro/text expansion programs on the Mac, but none as popular or well supported as TextExpander. This becomes especially apparent when you move over to iOS. Due to the limitations of iOS, there is no way for an app to do global macro expansion in any app unless support is specifically coded into the app. Unfortunately, this means you can’t use TextExpander in Mail on iOS.

However, Smile Software released an SDK for TextExpander touch, and many apps have included it. You can sync your “snippets” from your Mac to your iOS device (sadly TextExpander requires that you be on the same Wi-Fi network, unlike 1Password, which can sync directly from Dropbox whenever a network connection is present). I won’t even consider an iPad text editor if it doesn’t support TextExpander.

(Note to any iOS developer looking for a great app idea: an iOS mail client that integrates TextExpander touch and makes Gmail/Google Apps easier to use might be a big hit.)

4) Simplenote is pretty close to magic. A simple idea: text notes that sync anywhere, are automatically backed up and versioned, easily searched and optionally tagged. A $ 12/year premium service increases the number of versions that are backed up, unlimited third-party API access, premium support, an RSS feed, ad-free experience and (this is the big one) the ability to create notes via email. When combined with the free iOS app and a desktop app like nvALT (see previous), your text notes are suddenly synced and accessible everywhere. I just renewed my premium subscription, and it was the easiest decision I’ve made in ages. Even the free version is superb, though.

5) Instapaper gives you a place to store those long articles that you want to read but can’t right now. Save them on your Mac and read them on your iPad. Save them on your iPad and read them on your Mac. Save them on your iPhone and read them on your iPad. Or save them on your PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone then read them (very nicely formatted) on your Kindle. You can add articles via a browser bookmarklet or a metric bunchload of third-party iOS apps. There’s a list here, but you can basically use any decent app on iOS that involves reading.

The differences between the $ 5 and free iOS apps are listed here. 2010 marked the year that Marco Arment quit his day job to develop Instapaper. It is, battery quite simply, irreplaceable for me.

6) I’ve owned OmniFocus on the Mac since it was released. I’ve owned OmniFocus on the iPhone ($ 20) since it was released. But it wasn’t until OmniFocus on the iPad ($ 40) that I really started using OmniFocus. Once I started using it on the iPad, I started using it more on the Mac. It’s expensive, but if you’re serious about getting organized, especially if you’re trying to implement GTD, OmniFocus is the tool to help you get it done.

For the final installment of this threesome, I’ll take a look at the best iOS apps I used in 2010.

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iOS Apps Generated More Revenue Than Hollywood Movies Last Year

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Over the years, software development has fashioned itself more and more to resemble the lucrative, gonzo machine that fuels Hollywood, with top talent scoring big deals and even hiring agents. So it was just a matter of time before one of its sectors …

Mobile App Development London for the Best Phone Application Software

Mobile App Development London for the Best Phone Application Software

Nowadays, some mobile phones or PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistants) contain application software to give a good browsing feel to the users. The mobile app development London provides these services as web applications (like using JavaScript) using “server” or “client” processing. While developing the software, the developers have to consider things such as the size of the screen, the hardware configurations and the specifications. They need to create software that will be compatible with a certain mobile phone or PDA.

The application software development for phones includes programs for iPad, iPhone, Android and Black Berry. The developers use cutting-edge technology to give the best the web services on the phone. They update their knowledge from time to time to stay ahead of the competition since there are enhanced versions introduced into the market regularly. When the developers keep themselves updated, it has a positive impact on the clients; they get the best services and the latest technological assistance to suit their type of business.

Every business is different and therefore, the software will have to be different for each business too. That is the reason why the application development company has unique and custom-made applications for its different clients. The developers can create apps for children’s books, recipe apps, games and web apps to name a few. All mobile app development companies have a certain strategy in mind, which helps them to understand the client requirements.

The first step that the service provider company takes is to understand the business type and size and the budget of the client. They have an array of applications to suit every client needs. The next step would be to understand the mindset of the users. The success of an application depends upon the users and to create user-driven software, the developers will need to put themselves in the user’s shoes and think like them. The techniques for a book will be different from that of a game. Here, the ease of use and accessibility plays an important role.

The developer ensures that the client gets a good return on investment once they get the application started. The knack is to increase the traffic and this is possible by using simple language and instructions. The Mobile App Development London company knows this and that is why it discusses the strategy with the client before setting up the application. The success of the client is equivalent to its own success.

ECM software and collaboration apps — oh, my! But where's the ROI?

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5 Best New Apps For iOS 7

5 Best New Apps For iOS 7

With a colorful, flat design, iOS 7 is the largest update of tech giant Apple to its mobile operating system since iOS was launched in 2007. If you have updated your device’s software, you will definitely try some new apps that make the most of the new capabilities.

Here are 5 best new apps for iOS 7 that you can check out.

1. Evernote

Evernote is a popular note taking app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. The sanity-keeping productivity app has been completely redesigned for iOS 7 with the new home screen listing the most recent entries front and center, which makes searching and accessing your notes even easier than ever. Besides, this free app allows you to capture photos, create to-do lists as well as record voice reminders. Plus, the newly-revamped app features built-in functionality with iOS 7’s AirDrop utility, along with additional updates such as a Post-It Note capturer, automatic background syncing, an ever-present button for drafting notes and various image annotation tools.

2. Shazam

Wearing a new look to fit the iOS aesthetic, Shazam recognizes music and media playing around you. The app trades in the new white, bottom-of-the-screen variety, with new features including a reminder of the last track you shazamed and improvements to social sharing features. So you can tag friends and locations and add comments while sharing within the app to Facebook.

3. Pandora

The popular online music service Pandora has improved the monotony of a station with updates that let you easily add new artists to the mix and see a history of which songs have appeared in your listening stream. In addition, enhancements include the ability to “add variety” to your stations list, lyrics display and an all-around more informative display on the larger screen. What’s more, you can share your music listening and favorite stations through Facebook and Twitter.

4. Aviary’s Photo Editor

The Aviary’s Photo Editor app has powerful effects such as blurring of images or adjusting their contrast. It also features an interface that has been improved to align with iOS 7’s clean, simple look. Another improvement of this app is that it can put the special filters, photo frames and customizable stickers in one location called Supply Shop. The Aviary’s Photo Editor app is available for free but more filters, plus frames and stickers can be purchased in the new Supply Shop.

5. Twitter

The Twitter app, one of the best social-networking apps for communicating with friends, has been updated to suit iOS 7’s look. Its navigation bars have been flattened and brightened while its icons are simplified all across the free app. Especially, Siri can now search within Twitter’s messages, making it easier to find information.

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Top Ten Best Antivirus Software 2011

Top Ten Best Antivirus Software 2011

Antivirus is a kind of computer software used for the purpose of preventing, detecting and removing harmful computer viruses. In the today’s market, there are plenty of antivirus tools which can detect all malware and quickly identify potential threats in users’ computers.


Antivirus vendors have completed the list of top ten best antivirus softwares in 2011 following the best product names in 2010. Here is a collection of latest best antivirus softwares in 2011.

Ad-Aware Pro Internet Security 9.0

The latest Ad-Aware, Ad-Aware Pro Internet Security 9.0, is extremely useful when it comes to keeping malware out of a clean system. It provides the most advanced antivirus detection and threat blocking algorithms. The software also helps to add new technology to clean the infested systems.

The Ad-Aware Pro Internet Security 9.0 costs $ 23.95 to buy


BullGuard Antivirus 10


BullGuard Antivirus 10’s performance is best at spam filter


eScan Anti-Virus 11

The MicroWorld’s eScan Anti-Virus 11 has an effectively decent firewall and a dreadful spam filter


G Data AntiVirus 2011


Despite leaving the system unbootable, G Data has behavioral analysis and accurate phishing protection


McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011


McAfee AntiVirus Plus offers users a good clean system, firewall and tune-up components


BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011

The antivirus software is powered with three distinct UI views and numerous configuration options


Double Anti-Spy Professional v2


This antivirus is perfect combination of two different engines for double detection. The software doubles time to update and scan


F-Secure Anti-Virus 2011

F-Secure Anti-Virus 2011 has DeepGuard malware-detection technology for better overall protection.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011

The award-winning technology Kaspersky’s latest antivirus provides real-time automated protection and basic tools to protect your PC.


Norton AntiVirus 2011

Norton AntiVirus 2011 offers the same networking protection features as its older versions.


Top Ten Best Antivirus Software 2011


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