Google Drive

Google Drive

Google has been busy this year churning out products, applications and now even cloud computing. Google has long had their Docs application, which allowed users to edit, update and share documents to help with group projects and collaborations. Google Drive takes this cloud concept one step further. So what exactly can Google Drive do for you?

First of all, Google Drive has been created to work alongside Google’s host of other applications, to enhance your overall Google experience. You can quickly save photos from Google+ and soon you can even access Drive through Gmail, making your library available to your entire contact list, if you so choose. While Drive is still adding functionality daily, the goal is to be able to send faxes, edit videos and even create website mockups.

Drive is essentially “Cloud Computing,” which allows you to store all of your information securely and access it from anywhere. Cloud computing helps keep your information safe in the event of a computer meltdown or a stolen laptop, which means all of your pictures, documents and memories can still be accessed, through another computer.

Google Drive is basically creating a file system for your life, you can search by keyword and filter by file type, allowing you to quickly find documents, collaborate with friends and co-workers and completely organize and alphabetize your documents.

Not everyone is excited about Google Drive, however, and many companies worry about competing with one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. Not only are other Cloud Computing companies like Dropbox and iCloud feeling the competition, but even Microsoft Suite may lose some valued customers to Google’s constantly evolving applications. While Microsoft creates software, not applications, Google is close to creating a fully integrated work station that allows its users to be completely tapped into work, organization and entertainment all at once.

So what is Google achieving by offering Cloud Computing to its users? The once-modest search engine may offer a host of applications and add-ons for its users, but many people forget that Google’s main source of revenue comes from its advertisers. As an Austin SEO Company, we definitely understand online advertising is one of the most effective ways to get your company, products and services in the spotlight, and Google is paving the way on targeting potential customers to a tee.

The more applications that Google offers to its users, the more specifically it can categorize them into specific consumer pools, allowing advertisers to spend the least amount of marketing dollars to capture the exact audience of their choosing.

While some internet users may not appreciate the customized advertising, others understand that the internet thrives on marketing opportunities, and they figure if they’re going to be sold to, it might as well be something they’re interested in.

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25 Responses to Google Drive

  1. Marques Brownlee says:

    I like how everyone’s finding this 2012 video about Google+ now. Hi! My
    thoughts have changed as Google+ has changed.

  2. Anthony The Artic Wolf says:


  3. ziz azizi says:

    2014 and still using Google+ 

  4. Kenneth Smith says:

    +Marques Brownlee can you do an updated video about Google plus comparing
    it to Facebook from a features perspective, and explaining why it is more
    user friendly and more powerful than Facebook for average users not just
    for companies?

  5. KevKevAllen says:

    I tried, I really did. But for me it’s just this simple: Google+ just
    doesn’t work for what I need a social media platform to do. I literally
    know no one in person who uses G+ and everyone just uses Facebook as their
    posting/sharing site. If they need to send me something directly, they have
    my email, phone number, or Facebook name. Also, Google drive sharing
    feature is awesome. 

  6. Chandraprakash G says:

    +Marques Brownlee I was using google plus from the time it rolled out in
    mid 2011, but you are one of the strong reason for me to completely
    migrate from facebook to google plus !!

  7. Alex Gærtner says:

    Google+ is awesome I don’t know why it got so much hate. I mean its almost
    exactly like facebook except the interface makes sense. You can post your
    thoughts on your own profile which is ALL you do on Twitter and you can
    video chat with people like on Skype. Not to mention the integration with
    YouTube and Gmail. I don’t understand how people hate on Google+ and yet
    say Instagram is a legitimate social network? 

  8. KevRunsOnDunkin says:

    I use google plus and I love it. Cant judge something you havnt actually
    used. This is an important video…

  9. Terrence's Soundtracks says:

    Tell me how is it or this going to be fun someone teach me how to make it
    interesting :O ?

  10. mynameisray says:

    Were you paid to make this video?? Google+ is shit, if you knew how bad it
    was going to fail now you would have never accepted the money to make this

  11. Eli O. says:

    Now look at it now. Forced to use it no matter what

  12. Steve Teare says:

    nice presentation – thanks!

  13. homersimpsonovich says:

    I hate gwagl plus ruining youtube, connect acount with gwougle plus,
    connect acount with gwougle plus, fuck you!

  14. Terrence's Soundtracks says:

    My Google Plus is so so so lonely :( 

  15. Subodh Chalak says:

    see, why google plus is the best…..

  16. jarinthunder says:

    Reason 1:Invalid. How does that help us at all?

    Reason 2: Invalid, It is self-subjective.

    Reason 3: We all see how well Google+ fixed youtube, Right? All those good
    old hidden spam comments!

    Reason 4: Bloody heck, do I even need to explain why it’s wrong? At 4:14,
    listen to yourself! what is all that rubbish? People of the internet want
    things simple, I don’t want to have to read a phone-book sized manual to
    understand an app. Heck, You even miss half of the comments that are
    replied to you!

    Reason 5: This isn’t really even a reason. What if we don’t have/don’t want
    a google life?

    You sound like you’ve been brainwashed into a robot and live for google as
    if it’s the only thing there is in life.

  17. parker friend says:

    I was an early adopter of Google plus when I set up my gmail then every
    thing changed when the bob army attacked

  18. PerfectoDigital says:

    Only one single friend of mine is active on Google+ in 2014! 

  19. SUGAR XYLER says:

    ~ (((((((SUGAR)))))))) WAS HERE !! (*_~)

  20. TheGamingIdiots says:

    YouTube! add the feature to report for stupidity

  21. dogstation99 says:

    Why do you think so many people use google +?
    Hmmm…. Definetly not because you HAVE TO…

  22. Jevin Menezes says:

    Top 5 Reasons #Google+ is #Awesome!:

  23. Pascal Meyer says:

    And I met a developer from Ubisoft there.

  24. Monster Vlogs says:

    I love google+

  25. XalphYT says:

    Hi Marques, I’m one of the Google Plus haters and let me explain why: I’m a
    private person and I don’t want a public profile of me posted on the
    Internet. I’m not on Facebook, I’m not on LinkedIn, I’m not anywhere.
    Google forcing a public profile is abhorrent and invasive. I don’t want to
    play along. 

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