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Google Play

Google has become synonymous with innovation. They have been estimated to run over a million servers and process over a billion search requests daily. Anyone who knows technology knows that Google is no longer simply the leading search engine. The company offers email service, document trading, a social networking service and even its own web browser. Google took the lead in the development of the Android mobile operating system, one of the only phones that competes with Apple’s constantly upgrading iPhone.

In true Google form, they’re now paving the way on an entirely new project—Google has taken lead on a new digital entertainment destination where you can keep and share your favorite music, movies, books and apps all in one place. Google Play uses cloud computing to store all your entertainment, so you can access it from anywhere at any time. Cloud computing is also a great way of storing your information because you never have to worry about moving your files or losing them, if anything should happen to your computer.

While developers are thrilled to release Google Play, some wanted to go with the name “Google Market” to stay with the Android Market theme and to more accurately describe some of the features it offers. Their position is that “Play” doesn’t convey the fact that Android has created some very innovative enterprise communication tools, which can all be used in a work setting. Google wanted no confusion between their newest offering and Windows Phone Marketplace, which is why they went with “Play” instead.

Google Play will be featured in Google’s black bar, which will attract many more potential customers than Android could alone. In fact, according to StatCounter’s February data, 27.24 of the Web’s pageviews are viewed in Chrome, compared to the 1.93 percent in Android.

So what exactly can you do with Google Play? You can buy close to any kind of music you’d like, with millions of options, as well as store up to 20,000 songs for free. You’re free to browse one of the world’s largest selections of eBooks, download over 450,000 Android apps and games and even rent some of your favorite movies, all in one place. Google has shown an interest in offering movies for sale, but that portion is still in the works.

For those with Android Market, Google eBookstore or Google Music, these will all become Google Play, and the Android Market app will be upgraded on your phones or tablets in the upcoming weeks. Will this have any affect on page rankings and SEO? As a search engine optimization company, we believe every Google creation will have some kind of affect on our business. While the jury is still out on Google Play, we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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What is Google+ (Google Plus) and do I need it?

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google+ Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Zlata Ordyntseva says:

    *What is Google+ (Google Plus) and do I need it?*

  2. BaS says:


  3. Alexis Breithoff says:

    Mr +Google+

    Voici ma lettre au père Noël, une série de 9 suggestions liées à 9
    doléances qui pourrait se résumer ainsi :
    Tenez bon, ne lâchez pas les cercles, cela permet aux utilisateurs de
    contrôler leur publication publique et privée et le flux d’information qui
    leur parvient… ,ou pas, mais en tout cas de leur laisser le choix de le
    Ne prenez pas en otage vos utilisateurs fidèles a cette notion depuis le
    début de l’aventure Google plus

    Je voudrais pouvoir choisir :
    1) de ne pas afficher les +1 des personnes de mes cercles, ou tout du moins
    de réserver a certains cercles la possibilité de me les afficher, et
    pouvoir les afficher uniquement dans des cercles
    2) de ne pas afficher les commentaires YouTube des personnes de mes
    cercles, ou tout du moins de réserver a certains cercles la possibilité de
    me les afficher, et pouvoir les faire apparaître uniquement dans certains
    3) de partager mes +1 uniquement avec les cercles dans lesquels se situent
    l’auteur du post en question
    4) de partager mes playlist Google musique non pas uniquement en public
    mais avec certains cercles
    5) de partager mes avis sur les restaurants sur mon profil et dans Google
    map non pas uniquement en public mais avec certains cercles. Cela n’empêche
    pas que ma note soit pris en compte dans la note totale de l’établissement.
    6) de partager mes photos dans Google map non pas uniquement en public mais
    avec certains cercles. Cela n’empêchera pas le public de voir mes photos
    sans pouvoir les télécharger et sans pouvoir les relier a mon profil.
    7) de partager mes communautés favorites sur mon profil non pas uniquement
    en public mais avec certains cercles
    8) dans la recherche google, les cercles qui sont à prendre en compte dans
    ma recherche personnalisée, celle qui ajuste les résultats de recherche en
    prenant en compte les actions des personnes de mes cercles (+1,
    interaction, …)
    9) pouvoir utilisé les cercles étendus mais pas uniquement sur tous les
    cercles mais sur un seul

    Pour finir Mr +Google+ Une petite vidéo qui date votre naissance il y a 3
    ans, histoire de vous rappeler ce qui a fait votre force lors de votre

  4. Nick Rink says:

    Great little video pointing out some of the differences between G+ and

  5. NVaizard says:

    EVIL! The choice is not ours. Never was. I never created a Google +
    account. I created an YouTube account years ago and **it** created a Google
    + account for me!

  6. Boon Siang Tan says:

    A timely reminder why Google+ is awesome from beginning, they created the
    Circle in rebuttal to a “helpful” suggestion from crappy tech blog who
    suggested to kill the circle.

  7. xfire7 says:

    google + is a free spy network for the c.i.a . still keen?

  8. xquisitaz says:

    Lol see the end of the video? Force……I’ll never use it. Google, do
    yourself a favor and get over this fight with face book and just let them
    have social media. We like your services but don’t want to be forced to use
    this Google plus in order to use the other services. I’ve already reduced
    my advertising budget with Google Adwords express by 500 a month out of
    frustration. You may not take this serious but there are many in my field
    who have spoken of this frustration and lack of interest. Take it serious
    and offer plus as an option, not a forced thing. 

  9. dylok4200 says:

    I like Google Plus, gone back to MySpace too, which is still under my
    teenage name, sweet, no one can find me.

  10. Google Student Ambassadors - Assiut University says:

    Google+ is a social networking and identity service with extra features
    #GSA #gsamena #gsamena2014 #GSAAsuNo1 #GSAAssuit #GoogleFTW

  11. joshjaydah says:

    That old mans voice is freaking annoying 

  12. Paco Arcoleo says:

    *What is Google+ (Google Plus) and do I need it?*

    #socialmedia #google #facebook

    +Paco Arcoleo questo è da vedere!

  13. Lime Cicnodar says:

    ☻/ This is bob 2.0. Copy and paste him so he can take over Google +

    HELP BOB 2.0

  14. I Control My Fate says:

    No we don’t need google+, google is forcing us to use it so it can collect
    our data like facebook and sell it to the NSA. They are apart of the
    Illuminati like Disney and are trying to take over the world.

  15. Vahn Vallain says:

    I dont like fb but google+ is apps that i hate is so
    annoying.pushing thier sub to use is so fucking stupid apps

  16. GirlOnDaXbox says:

    So i’m having a problem….. I can’t redownload Google Plus on my iPad
    mini, so can anybody help me?

  17. khfreak 7526 says:

    how can i make my youtube name and google name separate google plus is

  18. xquisitaz says:

    All I have to say is I have no interest in Google plus and I’ve become
    disconnected with other google services like you tube and my business page
    on Google since Google has been forcing this plus media page on us.

  19. SirTwan Anthony Polito says:

    The people that don’t like Google+ are the people that either have never
    used it or the people that don’t know how to use it…simple as that :) I
    love Google+ it is the best social media/network there is right now besides
    Twitter IMO!

  20. sandinistas piricuacos says:


  21. Ourtistic Integrity says:

    This turned evil on me real quick, but I guess it is very appropriate.

  22. Dwight Stewart says:

    Man, I’d complain about Google+, but Google doesn’t give a damn. They’ve
    taken my YouTube comments and moved them to websites I never even agreed
    to. In their bullshit “terms of service,” they claim YouTube is a public
    forum, but then claim everything said here belongs solely to them to do
    with as they please. Now I can’t even see my own comments under
    notifications without going to the Google+ website – which I don’t want to
    do. I have no interest whatsoever in Google+. This company (Google) is like
    a leach attaching itself to everything (Android, YouTube, etc). When will
    legislators take action to stop this intrusive, predatory, behavior?

  23. abdi jabar omar says:

    What is Google+ (Google Plus) and do I need it?

    What is Google+ (Google Plus) and do I need it?:

  24. Yo McMinerTron says:


  25. Hans Gruber says:

    Google plus is a mess and this needs to be addressed. So only a million
    views on this video from people all over the world after 3 years? Doesn’t
    google plus have any connections to make this video somewhat more viral?
    This should be proof enough that google plus is not user friendly to most

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