Browser Compatibility, one of the biggest issues in web designing

Browser Compatibility, one of the biggest issues in web designing

There are a lot of things that are important to and play a crucial role in web designing. However, one of the most vital issues in web designing is browser compatibility. This is because if your website is not at compatible with all browsers, then you do not know how many potential customers and visitor you would lose, and eventually it will earn you bad reputation in the online market. By now, you might be thinking what actually is browser compatibility?

Browser Compatibility

There are numerous web browsers which help people to browse through web portals with ease. Some of the most popular ones are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Flock etc. And, if your website is not compatible then it will not look ‘calibrated’ on any other browser exactly the way it will look on Google Chrome etc. The CSS slider, if you have any in your website will not work properly, the font size will look different in each web browser, there might be some change in colors as well, and it might also impact the websites’ screen resolution, and to browse the portal thoroughly, visitors might need to scroll it to right and left. Therefore, whenever you get a website designed from a website design company, just tell them that your website should be a browser compatible one.

Moreover, if you are designing it yourself and facing this issue, then try to find the errors in the web portal’s coding, and in order to check that you can take help of html codes validator. There are several websites which offer this service for free. And, if you have also used Cascading Style Sheets, then check for the errors in that coding to via CSS validator. And, once you find the errors, just correct them and then try to check your website on multiple browsers. And if it still possesses the same problem, then go through the coding thoroughly. If you have used table formatting codes like (td, tr), then look if you have defined their width and height, as this might also be the reason for the problem, and if you have not defined it, then do so according to the images used in those rows and columns.

As this might seems to be confusing, you should always try to get the web portals designed by a reputed and experienced web design firm, as it would definitely have the required expertise to handle these kinds of issues.

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