Google Chrome: Top Ten Best Add-Ons

Google Chrome: Top Ten Best Add-Ons

In December 2008, Google finally launched the beta version of web browser Google Chrome for Microsoft Windows which was developed thanks to the WebKit layout engine. Four years later, Google Chrome becomes the busiest browser among Internet users. Currently Firefox offers the best adds on and the gap between Mozilla’s and Chrome’s extension library has been narrowed largely. The search giant provides the increasing number of best productivity-based extensions to standard Google Chrome. Here are ten top Google Chrome add-ons or extensions that keep you focused and productive when you are facing to many distractions.


Google Chrome Add-On 1: Stay Focused

Stay Focused function assists users to set a limit on your favorite website. When the time is over, Google Chrome automatically blocks the sites on your computer on the rest of the day.


Google Chrome Add-On 2: Manage Windows And Tabs

Too Many Tabs helps to manage a huge number of open windows.


Google Chrome Add-On 3: Never Forget

“Last Pass” is genuinely useful for those who forget their password due to the number of many online passwords.


Google Chrome Add-On 4: Leave It To Chance

If you are wasting time making decisions, try out the Random Magic extension. Just simply roll a pair of dice and choose random number.


Google Chrome Add-On 5: Get Organized

The Todoist task manager is the leading online to-do list which helps to keep life in order.


Google Chrome Add-On 6: Be On Time

“Cool Clock” operates like an digital desktop time notification which informs hours, calendar and alarm.

Google Chrome Add-On 7: Get Creative – Conveniently

Aviary allows users to edit photos directly within your browser.


Google Chrome Add-On 8: Open Your Ears, Rest Your Eyes

Speak it! Is the worth-trying advanced text to speech solution which actually reads for you.


Google Chrome Add-On 9: Turn Off The Lights

“Turn Off The Lights” keeps only your media player bright to focus you in your favorite videos in peace.


Google Chrome Add-On 10: Hide FB Questions

The “Hide FB Questions” helps to avoid the questions from social networking sites the next time.



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