Latest Features Of Microsoft Office 2007

Latest Features Of Microsoft Office 2007


One of the most interesting options in Word 2007 is Live Preview , you can help, and much, to format your document. After selecting a text, table, etc., If you pass the pointer over the styles (colors, fonts and formats), will offer a live preview of the style that has the selected item. If you get tired of this constant display, you can disable the button from Office / Word Options and click the option most frequently , uncheck Enable Live Preview . It is worth noting that Word 2007 includes a search engine for high quality images via the Web on the panel of clip art that can help in the illustrations or images in your documents.

Elegant covered with a click

How many times have you had to do a cover of a work of Word documents on a page or independent? With Word 2007 you can include cover pages using the elegant gallery of covers you have on Insert / pages / Cover . The trick is to incorporate your own covers. To achieve this, you first have to create it and then have to select all its contents. From the Insert / Pages / Covers, choose the option that says Save Selection to Cover Page Gallery . Of course, if you want to delete one, just the function recurrrir Remove current cover .

Marching a PDF!

If you must use PDF format to share information, you’re in luck. Now, you can export it directly from Word 2007, but we give you the trick to get it. Before, you must install the Save as PDF or XPS for Microsoft 2007 programs available in your Download Center . Once done, you’ll see that from the button Office , you can select the Save as PDF or XPS format . It is interesting to note that this is not a simple export and Microsoft has worked to provide valuable tools to preserve the document markup (making it easier for an index in Word and references to footnotes continue to function in PDF). They also offer support options for ISO 19005 (PDF / A), generation of page ranges or understanding for publication online. So you will save a few euros by not having to buy.

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Office 2007
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