Top 5 PDF Password Recovery Software You Should Know About

Top 5 PDF Password Recovery Software You Should Know About

Have you ever confronted the trouble that you are forbidden from accessing into the password protected PDF-format novel when going to read the end of a fancy novel? Or, when you are about to extract or print your graduate thesis, you can do nothing but write it down by hands with the PDF files password protected. For your reference, we are going to discuss top 5 appreciated PDF password recovery software, which help you recover PDF passwordcasually.

But another problem comes out: how to select a worthwhile and excellent PDF password recovery software? Which is more valuable and affordable with a flock of toolkit on the website? We hope you enjoy drinking up all of our spine-tingling suggestions (with the lights on, of course). Let’s discuss!

1. PDF Password Unlocker — Instant PDF Password Recovery Software

PDF Password Unlocker is an easy-to-use and handy software to recover PDF password, which you can regain lost or password-protected password within a few minutes in despite of the length and complexity of password. What’s more, three types of attacks are available for PDF password recovery: Brute-force attack, Brute-force with mask attack and Dictionary attack. You can select one of them as your cases. It is also worth to mention that a vivid and friendly interface appears when access in the application.

2. PDF Crack — Recover PDF password free of Charge

PDF Crack is designed to recover PDF password without any cost. Though there is plenty of commercially available PDF password recovery software to unlock lost/protected/forgotten password for PDF files or documents, this is a free Windows binary version of the open source PDF crack utility for Linux. Of course, it should be used for legitimate purposes.

3. Recover PDF Password — Various Methods to Recover PDF Password

Recover PDF Password is the PDF password recovery software which offers several recovery solutions to recover PDF password by password length, by template and exhaustive search. Furthermore, this PDF password recovery software supports to decrypt all Adobe Acrobat PDF files or documents. However, it seems to not be easy-to-use for a novice as its complicate program.

4. PDF Password — Award-Winning and Feature-rich Password manager

PDF Password is the application that you can recover PDF password with Online Password Calculate which you may calculate the time it takes to remove PDF password. It is said that this PDF password recovery softwareguarantees a 100% success rate with a simple password. But, it will take a long time when encountering a complex password.

5. Advanced PDF Password Recovery — Get Access to Password-protected PDF Files Efficiently

Advanced PDF Password Recovery is designed to get access password-decrypted PDF files swiftly and efficiently. With this PDF password recovery software, you can easily recover PDF password with all versions of Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF application. Meanwhile, this toolkit supports GPU acceleration and Optionally removes JScript code, form fields and digital signatures.

With these top 5 PDF password recovery software, is it convenient to solve PDF password decryption? According to the above mentioned information, we believe you will find a favorite one to recover PDF password with ease. Then you can open, edit, copy or print PDF files without any difficulty.

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