Antivirus Software – Why Buy It?

Antivirus Software – Why Buy It?

If you are wondering why you should buy an antivirus program then you should probably ask another question first : what happens if you don’t?

Well, a lot of that will depend on how savvy a computer user you are – I have a friend or too who claim they have never had a virus despite not having any security software installed.

(And, no, they are not Mac users before you make that suggestion!)

The average person, however, is not likely to be anywhere near as fortunate as that because there are something like 200 new threats created each and every day – viruses, worms, trojans and all sorts of other nasty surprises await the unprotected.

Would you like one of those malicious programs on your computer?

No, I didn’t think so.

The answer then is to find a security product that can protect you from not only the current threats on the internet but also the new ones as they are created and released into the wild.

An antivirus program is what you need and you have two real choices here – a free antivirus program or one that you pay for.

Both options will afford you some level of protection but I would always recommend paying for your protection unless you are a very casual user of the internet.

Free antivirus programs can protect you but the paid for versions tend to offer a better level of protection in my opinion and are generally updated far more often.

Which antivirus program should you buy?

Well, theres no easy answer to that as we all have our own skill levels and needs but you should choose a reputable company in order to get a quality product and also to avoid some of the rogue security software that is being sold these days.

The latest antivirus program that I have reviewed – F-Secure Antivirus 2011 – is effective and easy to use but I would suggest checking out all my antivirus reviews through the link below.

Is AVG Free Antivirus A Safe Program To Download?

Antivirus software
Consumers love free antivirus programs because they provide valuable features at no cost. Unfortunately, not all antivirus programs protect users or run as intended. Far too many people trust the first free solution they can find online. Doing so often …

How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus

How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus – Featuring John McAfee himself.
Antivirus software Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Antivirus Software – Why Buy It?

  1. bardo0007 says:

    Now I’m waiting for Bill Gates to post a video on how to uninstall

  2. Magic says:

    Lol this is freaking hilarious.

    I came here to find out how to uninstall McAfee because it installed
    somehow while im using Bitdefender and…
    Now i completely forgot about it, and is currently googling ‘John’ McAfee’,
    because holy fuck, the guy is Chuck Norris.

  3. Gerard van Schip says:

    As a Mac user I dont have to deal much with anti virus software but I do
    assist clients and friends and every now and then stumble upon McAfee, the
    guaranteed way to make your Windows machine run like a turd yet people
    still install it in the millions.

    In this video the creator of the software shows how to uninstall the
    software, sort of.

  4. workedd says:

    BitDefender Internet Security 2015. Enhanced security. Enforced with
    Firewall and Parental Control. Best Protection for three years straight.
    Imperceptible. Best for system speed (AV-TEST). Extremely easy to use.

  5. YourAnonMessenger says:

    Fuck AntiVirus, gimme name of that black chick ! 

  6. Wolfdude387 says:

    He gave his assistant the fat ugly ones

  7. Emmanuel Daniel says:

    How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus

  8. Andrei Romila says:

    What the hell!?!? xhamster is the shit!

  9. Rogue says:

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how fucking beautiful this just was

  10. Apple Jack says:

    This…dude XDD
    I came here to find out how to uninstall mcafee
    But this is good XDD 

  11. alex diavatis says:

    That’s sick funny!

  12. Matthew Moore says:


  13. GuysCallMeShawna says:

    How did I not see this sooner?! Bad A$$ McAfee

  14. CeCe RiveR says:

    That’ll do it, LOL

    Damn computer programs can go to hell….

  15. David Rust says:

    Whoa… Is that really him? Awesome!

  16. Tamas Kalman says:

    mind blown.

  17. Gustavo Gustík says:

    Soutěž o největší FUCK UP roku vyhrávají:
    Hodinky LG Watch Urbane LTE s předinstalovaným McAfee.

    Takže se sluší si připomenout vzkaz od Johna McAfeeho :-).

  18. Bernd Paysan says:

    *+++ Symantec stellt Norton Antivirus ein +++*

    Siehe Heise-Meldung.

    Die Prozedur, mit der man Norton AV vom PC entfernt, ist übrigens die
    gleiche wie die für McAfee AV, hier von McAfee persönlich erklärt: Rohe
    Gewalt. Was anderes ist völlig zwecklos.

  19. Maximilien Di Dio says:

    Cette vidéo pourrait très bien faire un bon épisode de SLG ou WTC :D

  20. picklesnorf101 says:

    I am now officially in love with John Mcafee. I could shower you in a
    million kisses you wild, beautiful and magnificent being.
    This video is amazing.

  21. John Chisholm says:

    I don’t think he can pronounce his own name properly.

  22. MrGARPOV says:

    I’m already have Avast.

  23. L-1011 Widebody says:

    Is that a Ruger Mini-14 at 4:00 ??

  24. Thomas Chilinski says:

    Here are the steps.

    * Backup Your data
    * Load an OpenSuse image on to a disk.
    * place disk in drive.
    * press your proper f key F6-F8 from your top row.
    * make your sure you are connected to internet.
    * reformat your hard disk.

    Problem solved. 

  25. Salty Admiral says:

    My god, the thighs on that lady at the end there….I would die a happy man
    between those!

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