How can fake antivirus software steal your identity?

How can fake antivirus software steal your identity?

Now that the Internet and the World Wide Web are indispensable, a lot of crooks are finding ways to abuse these technologies for their own personal gain. While the web has paved the way for a lot of services that are making people’s lives easier, it has unfortunately been utilized by offenders to steal people’s identities through deceiving software and programs. These programs get into your machines and devices, pretending to help you clean up your hard disk or optimize your computer’s performance. Their real objective, though, is to get your credit card information and install some key loggers to make the job easier.

The truth is clear: identity theft through the use of electronic gadgets is a continuously growing problem. One of the most common crimes id thieves commit is identity theft using fake antivirus software.

Spotting the fake: how to tell

Awareness is the first step in avoiding this particular modus of identity theft, so you first have to understand how to spot fake anti-virus software. The first feature that you should take note of is that these programs are created to be professional looking with sophisticated user interface that will make it look like a legitimate and trustworthy application. The basic presumption here is that it may present itself in the same manner as legitimate antivirus software might do, but the judgment still rests on you. Will you trust a company that seems to shoving its product right at your face through irritating pop-up ads? Will it be safe to trust something that places ads on sites that are of questionable credibility too? Sometimes, plain common sense does the trick.

Understanding how fakes get into your system

Before you identify a fake antivirus program, it is essential to know that these frauds are well equipped to make them look like something you would want to avail and trust. So, how to these fake antivirus really works, and how do they steal your information? Here’s how you might pick them up and accidentally install them on your computer:

You may visit an unsafe website that has a fake antivirus extension on it, ready to infect visitors. If you don’t have genuine internet protection software installed, this will easily victimize you.
You may also click an email attachment that, in turn, launches the software.
You may also click on a pop-up warning or message that tells you that your computer is infected and that by clicking it, it will launch antivirus software that will clean it.

If you perform any of these actions, your machine will then be infected and listed to a botnet, which is a network of infected computers under a hacker’s control.

Scammers may also mislead you into keying in your credit card information in exchange of a fake antivirus, and it will be easy for them to get the rest of your information from there. This underlines how crucial detecting fake antivirus is in protecting yourself from identity theft.

How will you keep yourself protected from such scams?

While it is good to have genuine antivirus installed in your machine, most of the time, plain good judgment is what it takes to prevent identity theft with fake antivirus from victimizing you. The key is to be skeptical of programs that appear extra persistent on wanting you to purchase now. Legitimate programs work by word of mouth and have effective marketing strategies that do not include distracting and irritating pop-up ads.

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    Windows Defender virus. It keeps saying I have issues with malicious
    software, yet I’ve run complete scans with Malware Bytes an Super
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    pop-ups or inaccessibility to my task manager etc. Could it be this is
    legit Windows Defender giving me a nonsense warning?

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    Most likely they were erronesouly detected as a virus from your antivirus
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    Add the ‘homefront’ installer folder (or listed files) to the white-list
    of your anti-virus or unplug it, then press “repeat” to
    restore a deleted files. ——-> thats what my game homefront is
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