How To Update AntiVirus software

How To Update AntiVirus software

Keep updating the antivirus is highly recommended to keep your system safe. There are several new virus and threats are coming at rapid speed so encounter them properly you need to update your antivirus version so that it keep secures your system from virus. Thus, you just need to install the latest version antivirus then keep it updated. There is nothing like a rocket science to update the signature of the antivirus. You simply have to click on the update option. Generally you will get the update option in the start menu interface. However, there are several ways to get the update option. One thing is sure that you can easily access the update option to update your antivirus.

Usually, the entire antivirus applications provides simple format to update the version. However, there are some applications where you have to download and install the updated files. When it comes to the general process for getting the updated file of applications, you simply follow the below given steps.

Step1- When you install your antivirus program whether it is Norton or others, the small icon will be placed on the taskbar instantly. You simply right click on the icon where you will get the option to get update option.

Step2- Simply click on the update option and the update process automatically began to download and install the update files.

Moreover, you can enable the automatic update antivirus version that will automatically update the version of antivirus within the frequent time periods. Moreover, you can directly open the interface of the antivirus and choose the update options. It is quite simple to update your antivirus as most of them provide shortcut option to update. The process is very simple but you have to make sure that you have internet connection while updating the signature of antivirus. It is very important to update your version as it provides you more security in terms of detection of latest virus and malwares. Moreover, you can more instructions from the official website of the particular antivirus applications. They will provide you extra details and support you to take whatever actions you will take. However, you can easily update the version of the antivirus. The need of the updating the software is quite significant that it will provide you latest updates to detect and delete the viruses. Each antivirus application provides different update process according to their interface. You can scan the whole drives and internet files so that you can easily feel secure about your system. This information will help you in making decision that why and how you will update your antivirus application. It means you will be having the more secured anti virus so that no single virus will Attica your imperative data. In order to keep yore system safe you must blames abbe dray to update the virus versions.

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25 Responses to How To Update AntiVirus software

  1. Lukrecije Spiksy says:

    For me Avira free antivirus was a most reliable, simple and most less
    memory and CPU consuming program alongisde with tune-up and ccleaner
    programs. In last 6-7 years I havenent used any other program for PC
    security and maintenence.

    But the only pain in the ass recently was the constant everyday reports of
    5-6 “viruses” that were actually .exe crack files of games downloaded
    from piratebay, also steam.api, dll, exe files all of that was
    registered constantly as a virus, even thoguh I always choose option to
    “always ignore” it reports the same shit every time i restart my computer.

    So my question is: Are Avast or AVG better ? I mean, do they have
    issues reporting and quaranteeing files that are actually stuff like cracks
    and game files that are in use and in good order but they are from “3rd
    party publisher” because I use alot of pirated software and I dont want
    to get anoyed by false reports every few minutes, and do any of these 2
    antiviruses consume more RAM or CPU capacity than Avira ?

  2. PRO_INNFECTED says:

    i hate uk lol not being mean

  3. idk weirdchic says:

    Im so fricking confused D: which one is good Dx 

  4. Nick Ilchev says:

    Or just pay the 15 $ to no matter which anti virus and be happy. Every anti
    virus pro version is the same I prefer AVG or Avast I have bough Avast and
    it’s very good.

  5. Roy Mustang says:

    Hey can you help me? I’m trying to use malware byte to remove the virus I
    have but it keeps canceling my antivirus like it keeps doing malware byte
    has stop working

  6. BladeTheWolf says:

    personally i use avast!

    seriously it’s really good!

  7. Ivandro Ismael says:

    Are you running WinXP on VM?!

  8. workedd says:

    BitDefender Internet Security 2015. Enhanced security. Enforced with
    Firewall and Parental Control. Best Protection for three years straight.
    Imperceptible. Best for system speed (AV-TEST). Extremely easy to use.

  9. shotym34 says:

    I dont mind paying,but Norton 360 wants me to renew it for 80 bucks,fuck
    them …It was only $60 last year smh It was ok, but not worth that much.

  10. Jungsub R says:

    Shame MicroSoft Security Essential :(

  11. Kiska says:

    I had high hopes for Malwarebytes on this one

  12. macau pan says:

    thanks a lot ! it help me choose the best one :)

  13. impuredeath2 says:

    nortan virus? 

  14. Zander Edmunds says:

    the reason Microsoft is so bad is because other one might delete system 32
    file I once was locked out of my computer by one 

  15. logan rich says:

    i hate comodo worst antivirus

  16. cecelia chapman says:

    Dial 1-888-361-3731 toll free make a call when you face any issue and
    problems with bit

    any antivirus and get 24*7 technical help and support in US, UK, Canada

  17. Tal Vinokurov says:


  18. Daniel Paunov says:

    20 Second intro? Not too bad, because I’ve seen intros that are like 1:30
    minutes long.

  19. Blocks alot of them says:

    yay XP

  20. Julka P. says:

    use qihoo 360 internet security

  21. Michael Verdelis says:

    I need some info! Would comodo anti virus work better with comodo firewall ?
    I’m using AVG anti virus and Comodo firewall. What in your opinion is the
    best Anti virus / firewall combo ? Comment pls! Thnks!

  22. TheOne says:

    i download avast and i can’t delet it now pls help!

  23. BMW M-POWER says:

    avast is the best free antivirus but i am have avira internet security
    with 2020 license its good

  24. SexCannon says:

    Advanced system care 8 pro , best of all.

  25. Christopher Pope says:

    I was looking for Avast but couldn’t remember the name. And I have tried a
    lot and found it to be pretty reliable but your video was great Thank’s A

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