The coolest Android Apps

The coolest Android Apps


Team Android phenomenon is spreading like wildfire. Many people are turning to the openness and diversity of Android smartphones when choosing a mobile device. The iPhone has the most robust selection of apps, but many developers are now creating software for the Android Market.

With so many cool apps for Android available, the challenge for consumers to choose the best options. There are even apps designed to help you find other useful mobile applications. For those fans that mobile technology with a limited time to sort through the flood of new downloads, let’s take a look at some great applications for Android phones.


What’s cooler than playing the drums? This mobile app lets you simulate the fun of a drummer. The user interface is exciting, you control every drum by touching it on your touch screen, and the view is somewhat similar to what a real drummer looks while playing.

For the hobbyist musician, this app doubles as a drum machine. You can simply enjoy the sounds coming from your Android phone while using drums. If you record a drum beat for a song in a pinch, this application would serve as the right solution.

The Onion News Network Mobile App

Comedy fans may already be familiar with the onion News Network. This program offers satirical parodies of current events in a television news and print format. The Onion News Network Android app you can check out their latest videos and articles on the road. If you are looking for a mobile application for an Android phone that makes you laugh while waiting between activities during the day, this is a great selection.


Have you ever yourself humming a tune, but can not remember what it is? Have you ever heard a song through the speaker in a store and wondered the name of it so you could buy it later? SoundHound offers a solution to these problems.

This incredible Android app uses a powerful algorithm to associate sounds picked up by the microphone of your smartphone with a full database of songs. This means that you can identify most of the songs playing from any stereo system using SoundHound. Also, you can even hum the melody of a song and the Android app will often be able to identify it only by analyzing your voice! Great music fans will enjoy this mobile application currently available on the Android Market.

With so many cool apps available for the Android Market smartphones, consumers have many choices. This great new competitive environment means that applications come from every day! Take a look at these selections if you want to enjoy yourself during the downtime throughout the week.

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  1. Wesley Carlsen says:


    You need to install Java JDK from the oracle website.

  2. SinthTeck says:

    Oh my god, you are SO slow! Get to the point, man!

  3. Inquizitor Stratagem says:

    How do you project your android onto your PC Screen without an Emulator

  4. 3RandomFails says:

    Thank you! I used tips from this and other tutorials to help me create my
    latest app! Please help out a fellow programmer and check the app out! :)
    Thank you for the videos, great help!

  5. GmanGavin1 says:

    I don’t get any text but this stupid error
    Exception raised during rendering: java.lang.System.arraycopy([CI[CII)V
    Couldn’t resolve resource @string/edit_message
    Exception details are logged in Window > Show View > Error Log

  6. Poyraz Goksel says:

    Dude dont get offended but you speak a lot and go out of subject a lot …

  7. Suresh Surendran says:

    Very good tutorial. I am new to Android and this explains it well to get me

  8. 1080portal says:

    I’ve heard that OOP and XML is also necessary, is this true?

  9. Jenova Izq says:

    You make me subscribe friend awesome. I want to learn to make a game for
    android looking forward to learn from you. 

  10. chr1so says:

    Too much chitchat, less talk more action please.

  11. CNVideos says:

    You should remind people to download and install the Java Development
    Environment too, otherwise you get an error when you try to run Eclipse.

  12. Dominicus Tolbert says:

    This is so helpful, especially since it matches the version of eclipse that
    is up to date! The other tutorials are helpful too, but they are for very
    old versions, which makes it difficult to adjust to a modern version.
    Thanks for uploading these!

  13. GmanGavin1 says:

    14:20 no I went on the developer site to check it out and I have a Galaxy S4
    what I had to do is go setting > more > about phone > tap Build number 7
    times it’s near the bottom than it unlocked developer option in the more
    tab right above about phone. Then I checked USB debugging so I can use my
    phone so encase you have the same phone as me that is how you do it.

  14. Diego Moyano says:

    Hey Wesley, don’t listen the haters. I appreciate your effort doing this
    from zero. I really want to start developing on Android and your tutorials
    seems to be easy to follow.

  15. Daniel O'Connell says:

    Enjoying the videos!

  16. Wazzup Guy says:

    skip the endless bla bla blas, tutorial starts at 10:00,. 

  17. bridor5285 says:

    This is actually one of the best online android development series. I know
    java, but the skills only cross over so much. There is a lot more that you
    need to learn that is specific to android development and this series
    really helped me get a good start into mobile app development. Thank You

  18. andrew day says:

    your voice wasn’t clear when you said what you were using to display your
    phone on your computer. May you please tell me what you used. 

  19. Mark Taylor says:

    I would totally play a 2D side-scrolling java game on desktop!

  20. Deepit Patel says:

    hey!!! an error occurs after new android application wizard
    …/res/values-v11/styles.xml:7: error: Error retrieving parent for item:
    No resource found that matches the given name ‘Theme.AppCompat.Light’.
    can anyone help me out???

  21. Sergio DLR says:

    Thanks great job.

  22. victor cortez says:

    nice tutorials, but the only language i know is c++, will i have any issues
    with this while attending the hole tutorial?

  23. Andrey Solera says:

    super useful!!!!! ive been struggling with Android but with this vid i can
    fight a little bit back…

  24. GmanGavin1 says:

    I am not getting a fragment Layout name option and I don’t know why :(

  25. TresSambone PlaysMC says:

    You are awesome! I am a beginner of android development, and this was the
    video just for me! I like how you explain everything in a clear manner.
    This really helped me out, thanks!

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