Spanish Software Review

Spanish Software Review

Looking for Spanish learning software? Learning Spanish over the internet or through computer software is a great way to learn in y our spare time. That’s why more and more people are turning to Spanish learning software instead of traditional lessons. Spanish language learning software is a great alternative to traditional lessons because you can learn at your own pace without ever leaving your home. It’s also much cheaper than traditional classes or private tutors.

Besides the obvious convenience advantages, Spanish software also can allow you to learn a language at a great price. The advantages are many, and that’s why most people actually prefer to use computer based lessons over traditional classes. Now you just need to decide which course to take. So where do you go for Spanish learning software?

The internet is full of options. Your first decision is to choose between a subscription course or a single software download. I highly recommend the one-time payment, since it allows you to learn on your own time. If you choose a subscription course, you may feel pressured to learn fast in order to get your moneys worth. Keep in mind that it can take over a year to learn a language depending on how much time you have to dedicate to it.

If you go the software route, you still have many courses to choose from. You have popular options like Rosetta Stone which, while effective, are very costly. The complete Rosetta Stone Spanish course will run you nearly $ 500. However, if you’re on a budget like many of us are, there are excellent courses that cost under $ 100 dollars. In fact, upon comparison, I prefer the $ 100 dollar software. You can’t always associate high price with high quality, and you absolutely can learn a language quickly and easily for a low price. Do your research and you will have great results.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 Software Overview (Version 2.0)

Elgato Game Capture HD60 Software Overview (Version 2.0) Elgato HD60 Unboxing: Elgato HD60 Review: GI…
Game software Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Spanish Software Review

  1. CazuaLLUK says:

    Leave a like if you want an Elgato HD60 Giveaway!!

  2. PlayType says:

    +CazuaLLUK At 5:19 your facecam and your voice don’t match, it seems like
    your facecam is delayed. I am having this problem now with my elgato hd 60.
    I use a logitech c920 and for the commentary i use a blue snowB, but when i
    am recording a letsplay for example my commentary don’t match with the
    webcam ( looks weird). Any tips?

  3. ItsOrbital says:

    Can this capture card flashback record like the first elgato hd capture
    card version 1?

  4. Void Clan says:

    I have A Question How Do I enable the overlay/webcam boxes

  5. Eternal Dragon Of ChaOZ says:

    I use Elgato and I am definitely buying this upgraded version.

  6. THRT says:

    Yo, i just setup my HD60 and for some reason I don’t have the stream
    command feature on it??? any reason for why that is? 

  7. AzTeK PoWeRz says:

    question… I’m trying to record with the webcam on but after recording the
    webcam overlay doesn’t show up it’s just audio and video. help? or link to
    help. thanks. good review btw.

  8. Meagan Haas says:

    I’m using sony movie studio platinum 13 to edit and render gameplay videos
    recordes on the HD60 that are between 15 and 25 minutes long at a 1080p
    quality with 60fps. I’ll be uploading these videos to youtube and I know
    the size and quality of the video will cause a very slow and long uploading
    process. My question is should I use a different program to compress the
    video once finished? I’ve heard handbrake mentioned. Any help would be
    appreciated. Also, can you recommend what audio levels I should have the
    gameplay and commentary set at? I keep fooling around with it and I cant
    find a sweet spot. I’m not interested in using the automatically reduce
    game audio option the elgato gives.
    Thanks a bunch!

  9. PairOfSocks Gaming says:

    I have an legato hd 60 but the game capture hd program doesn’t give me an
    option for webcam what gives

  10. Unloaded Chaos says:

    Very helpful, thanks! 

  11. Kenzil Baptiste says:

    is there a way to start and stop recording without using timeshift or w/e
    its called

  12. LaazRGaming says:

    Hey CazuaLL, I’ve recently bought an elgato hd60. I want to record my live
    in-game voice for trolling videos.
    Do you know what Mic I have to buy to do so? and Do I need to get a
    component to plug turtle beaches in to both my xbox 360 and laptop? Any
    advice would be very much appreciated!
    Great channel!

  13. DimensionzMike says:

    do you have to download the softwhere

  14. jonathan abate says:

    hello i was thinking about getting this or the avermedia ive seen good
    things for both but this i heard is alot better to work with but my main
    question is with this 2.0 version have they fixed the desync bug during
    this video i was seeing your mouth move but the sound was a bit off so i
    was wondering if this has been fixed thank you for your time and this
    review its helped me lean more towards this product 

  15. mat2090 says:

    Can this be captured to an external hard drive ?
    My MacBook Air only has a128gb hard drive

  16. DGRHD says:

    hi CazuaLLUK when i press my steam button all it says is can not render 30
    fps how do I resolve this issue ?

  17. Nia Geeh says:

    Is that stream on command (with the facecam) option on mac? i cant find it

  18. gamedeltax says:

    Hi, i need a question about webcam
    Can i use the webcam for my commentary or its only for stream?
    I say sorry about my english i write from Italy 

  19. mllarson says:

    Very nice overview of the software. I just found out today that there was
    this new Elgato. I smashed the like button because it was very helpful.
    Looking to get one in a month or two. Out of curiosity, have you found a
    sweet spot between quality and file size? Something like 1080p@60fps seems
    like it will fill up a drive in no time (or in my case, Blu-Ray discs for

  20. TheGtaBeast2k13 - GTA 5 Online, Glitches, Tutorials, Paint Jobs & Locations says:

    Can you disable the face cam?

  21. TehDrift X says:

    i dont have the option to edit scenes :/

  22. RarPcGaming says:

    Question, what other file formats does this software offer besides mp4
    (like Avi) ?

  23. to deadly41 says:

    keep up the good work. and i wish u luck for 1,000,000 subs man you are my
    insperation for making youtube vids well you see i cant record because i
    dont have a game capture card so i cant record at the momment.good luck

  24. TheGameLad says:

    Is the facecam option only for live streaming or can i have it included in
    a video. E.g live commentary with facecam reactions from fifa. 

  25. Action Gamer says:

    my elgato does not let me live stream on twich dont no y

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