Clean Sweep Software

Clean Sweep Software

Most computer users long for the days when the PC was fresh out of the box and performed like a dream. The speed was incredible and it didn’t take long to access any application. Lately however, it seems slower and slower to perform simple applications such as word processing. The problem my friend is most likely the Registry is bogged down with all sorts of files that are no longer necessary and relate to programs no longer installed on your computer. Unless you are a computer guru (and most likely aren’t reading this article), Clean Sweep Software is needed to restore your baby to its former pristine condition. But how do you know what to look for in this type of program?

Most software programs are designed with a specific purpose in mind. Clean Sweep Software programs are no exception. Most will do the following:

1). Remove spyware, malware and assorted files not associated with any program

2). Look for and remove broken links

3). Optimize the hard drive for speed

These are crucial items to look for when identifying a program to use on your PC. There are a variety of Cleaner Programs available, both commercially and FREE. A good rule of thumb is to evaluate your budget and get the best one that you can afford. Remember though, that FREE programs probably won’t go into the depth that a commercial grade one will. This is not to say they won’t do a good job, but likely not as thorough. Another thing to look at is the download site. Make sure it is from a trusted source if your are going to do this online. Read reviews first before settling on your first choice. Check to be sure that it can be easily removed also.

Finally, if you have decided to purchase a good professional program, make sure that there is a trial period that you can use to evaluate the performance. If you aren’t satisfied with the performance, you don’t have to pay. A quality program will stand behind it’s product so you shouldn’t have to worry about any repercussions. You can also look for product reviews by typing in the program name followed by review. I can guarantee you that somebody has written a review on the software.

OK, you’re off and running. Let’s hope that your PC will do the same. Good Luck

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  1. Rebelzize says:

    Thank you so much for 10.000+ likes! I will make an updated 2015 version of
    this vid as soon as I can.
    Merry Christmas and thanks again :)

  2. Rebelzize says:

    Thanks to everyone for watching and for over 5000 likes! I really
    appreciate it.

  3. Kuchyy says:

    5. It’s okay.
    4. It’s okay.
    3. SUCK!
    2. Good recorder.

  4. Skullman119 MC says:

    452 people use bandicam!


    You’re like ~19… You’re on hangover? Your life is going the wrong

  6. Stuart Van Der Merwe says:

    I am looking for something that is FREE to use, not this crap, if I wanted
    to pay for this kind of stuff, I would, but I DON’T WANT TO!

  7. Rebelzize says:

    thanks for over 3,5k likes :) I really appreciate all the nice feedback and
    being able to help all these people start with their YouTube channels

  8. Rebelzize says:

    Battlefield 4 Ultra Graphics – Happy Holidays, You Guys Are AMAZING!

  9. bakganfan134 says:

    HAha has a hangover and still making video

  10. Cheyan Lacy says:

    Your brain is a bit messed up…. but everything should go well?
    Imagine the pilot of a plane saying that, wtf?

  11. Nitin H.A says:

    nice vid. helped a lot but, could you please tell me weather it is possible
    to record your screen when you are not playing games using FRAPS & DXTORY?

  12. MinecraftEp1c says:


  13. BassAndGames says:

    Yeahhh, just googled this and a Rebelzize video was the first result. Win. 

  14. Empherial says:

    Great video!
    A few questions, however:
    -how much does Dxtory and Action cost?
    -are they available for windows 7?

  15. Anne Love Worth says:

    so which one do u like out of all of them? O.O

  16. Mintystripes :3 says:

    If your showing us the recorders, what are you recording them with? XD

  17. Sandels krumpforlife says:

    :) nice vid mate 

  18. Chase Ancheta says:

    This video sucks…….. No help



  20. Jovan Anokic says:

    gj. ty

  21. Bullitts Games says:

    Thanks I have been using FRAP’s to record games but found the file size
    Then last night I tried to record FC4 went from 60 fps down to 20 fps &
    back again was most annoying & I thought time for a change. So you can get
    Action on a 30 day free trial so I will give that a try, thanks again for
    taking the time to make your review. 

  22. RJ Flash says:

    Fraps works well with my system.

    But, I’m gonna go try Action!, now that I know about it…

    Thanks for the info ;)

  23. guitar of the dead says:

    i think ima use OBS 

  24. Oryx The Mad God 2 says:

    Hey You said 5000 likes but you already have MORE THAN NINE THOUSANDS

  25. Timothy Zimine says:

    What screen recorder are you using for the video

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