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Google Sniper Scam

Google Sniper Scam

And listen… The BEST thing about this is it only takes only a couple of hours to setup each site, and once built, theyll earn you $ 300-$ 1,500 a month for years to come on autopilot.

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And today, Google Sniping has made ME more rich than Id have ever thought possible… (Largely due to the discoveries Ive made since then, and what Im now teaching in 2.0)

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It really is incredible. Day after day, for the past 2 years, the profits come in. Like Clockwork.

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You just build the site once, and thats it!

Listen- This concept isnt new!  Its not some flash in the pan…

It isnt some so-called 1 click software or a loophole that never worked for anyone except the creator (and dont ask me if it worked for him either, because I doubt it).

There are hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of other successful Snipers out there.

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You know, I first released my system to the public around 18 months ago…

Not many people saw it, but those who did, loved Google Sniper SO much, that it went VIRAL… from forums to the biggest marketers, everyone was talking about Google Sniper.

Why? Its simple. Its because…

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(Remember those 50 people who quit their job thanks to this? …Well many of these people are them, and if not, went on to later on.)


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What Teens Really Think About YouTube, Google+, Reddit and Other Social

I personally do not know anyone who actively uses Google+. I've heard from some friends that Google+ is really awesome for photos and Hangouts, but that's about it. My only friends on Google+ are those who are more interested in technology. I …

Google Sniper Review

Google Sniper Review

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Brand new, revised and in many cases totally transformed for 2011… Google Sniping has never been so easy or so profitable. Theres been improvements to just about every area.

ALL the step by step zero to six figure blueprint videos re-imagined, updated and re filmed for the new version personally by me, George.
Massive improvements to the core of the system itself, particularly keyword research (now its way easier than ever before) and FTC compliance, making sure you and your sniper sites are 100% protected in your affiliate marketing from any legal threats.

Coaching call recordings from the original, never before seen videos, real case studies and more.
**BRAND NEW Huge Empire Module** This massive new addition to the course teaches you how I went from a single Sniper site to a full life changing $ 500,000+ a year EMPIRE! All on video, filmed by me, and showing you the exact steps I took to do it FAST and how I outsourced the whole thing for pennies!

In fact, Ive spent the last 3 months underground working on it to make it PERFECT.

… While the original was one of the biggest, most thorough courses ever created… The new 2.0 version takes it to totally new heights.

Sniping, (with the NEW changes to the system and the new updated videos) has never been so simple, fast or practically FOOLPROOF.

And thats not including the EMPIRE module, which couldve been another course all alone.

Over 3 hours of step-by-step LIVE video Ill show you the exact system (and the secrets I learned along the way) to growing my empire to the $ 1,000+ a day it is now… Without doing ANY of the work myself!

But… hold on a minute!

… Because if youre new, you may still be wondering what EXACTLY Google Sniping is… 

Well dont worry, I havent forgotten.

And unlike most, I dont intend to use dodgy sales tactics to hide it from you. So… 

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Popular websites from around the world to remove purposeless 'Google+' share

New Delhi. Tech giant Google today received a big shock as popular websites from around the world have decided to remove Google+ share button from their web pages after finding it purposeless. Major online new portals, magazines and entertainment …

My Thoughts on Google+

People wanted this on iTunes, so there ya go: Lyrics: Woke up this morning and checked my Twitter Went onto Facebook and moaned about…
google+ Video Rating: 4 / 5

Meager V.S SNS

Meager V.S SNS


Many people are thinking why they should open meager, what is the difference from SNS to satisfaction? There is a conclusion: SNS or meets the requirement of identification, almost everyone here needs identification, which has been obtained by friends and family. What meager satisfies people is influence, there will always few among the crowd need to influence others, they are familiar to those who have been effected with special requirements, namely SNS can be regarded as circle, meager as media.

Meager, namely micro-blog, is an open Internet social service. The most famous meager is Twitter, currently the unique visitors have reached 32,000,000, in a few words, record on spot, expressing emotions, sharing your happiness, Twitter has got through the boundary of mobile radio communication and the Internet. Comparing to long length of traditional blog, the limited word counts of meager make it easier to become productive blog publisher, according to latest data on ALEXA, per visitors have reached 20,000,000, ranking top five places in America, England, Canada, around 140 in China.

There are several reasons for emergency of meager. First it is simple and convenient, containing two meanings, comparing to blog emphasizing page layout, the content of blog makes up of several words, thus it requires less of users’ technology, what’s more, it requires less on arrangement and organization of words. Then most people can open meager through cell phone, network to update his personal information instantly.

Second it strengthens the influence of personal circle. On meager, you can press “follow” lightly, it shows that you want to accept users’ instant information, to the extent, it is valuable for spread of trade and celebrity’s appeal. For common people, they will most notice real life circle, the words and behaviors of users not only express their emotions and record ideas, but also maintain interpersonal relationship.

Third is the perfect combination of human natural wishes for broadcasting and technologies of web 2.0. At the time of information explosion, every person’s life has been deeply influenced by the wave of knowledge, while Internet is a timeless classroom, everyone should be recorder and concerns of times. As a new way of communication, meager has entered the life of common people, personal right of speech freedom has been immensely unleashed.

The full name of SNS is Social Networking Services, it means the Internet application service, aiming at helping people to establish social network. It also means social mature and widespread information carrier, such as SMS. There is also another explanation for SNS, that’s it is a site for people to communicate here. Based on the theory of Six Degree of Separation, on knowing friends’ friends, you can expand your connection limitlessly, when you need help, you can get it from your friends.

SNS applies a distributed technology, commonly the technology of P2P, establishing personal network basis software of the next generation. Through program of distributed technology, arranging wholly on CPU, hard disk, broadband which have been distributed on the equipment of every person, human has given those small servers more powerful abilities. The abilities include speed of calculation, communication, storage space.

It means the relational network between people, SNS network has been based on social network ideas. Nowadays many WEB 2.0 networks belong to SNS, such as IM, blog, online community, music sharing etc. Originally based on Six Degree of Separation and Rule of 150, some big companies have begun the application of SNS, some networks from vertical industry field sales started the attempt of SNS with good results.

In my opinion, you can choose any way for communication according to your requirements. Hope you can keep a good contact with your friends. This is Belinda Toland from DinoDirect. ( )

As cyberattacks become more severe, experts say let go of illusion hackers can

SNS software
Experts aren't recommending organizations stop deploying perimeter defenses such as antivirus software or firewalls that weed out vanilla threats. But they say a strategy that could be likened to laying traps is needed to counter the sophisticated …

Nokia E7 – Enjoy Sns Like Never Before

Nokia E7 – Enjoy Sns Like Never Before

If you are one of the million people from around the globe that enjoys using their mobile phones for their favorite SNS websites like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Then I am sure that you will fall in love with the new Nokia E7. Yes, you read it right! Now, you can enjoy your favorite SNS websites even in the absence of a desktop or laptop.

If before we are all limited to seeing HTML versions of websites while using our mobile phones, now we can all enjoy seeing real websites in full. This is all thanks to the supported markup languages like XHTML MP, HTML, and WML, and CSS. You will enjoy viewing websites as if you are using a laptop or a desktop while only using The Nokia E7.

What is more is that you will also enjoy the phone’s High-Speed internet. You will never again regret using your phone for website browsing or using your favorite SNS websites. Keep your family and friends updated with your every status updates, tweets, or photo and video uploads. You can chat with them non-stop even in the absence of a laptop or a computer. Now, all of these are being handed to you in silver platter, thanks to this mobile phone.

The Nokia E7 also comes with a 4 inches capacitive touch screen. So, you do not have to worry about seeing things badly, because as of today, this mobile phone is equipped with one of the largest touch screens available in the market. You will enjoy viewing things in 16:9nHD AMOLED (640 by 360p) and in 16 million colors. Now, that’s quite impressive for a small gadget.

You can also personalize this mobile phone to your heart’s content. You can choose up to 3 customizable home screens: Widgets, Themes, Menu, Icons, and Shortcuts. Make your profile as personalized as you can. Choose from its wide array or ring tone formats (AAC, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, eAAC, eAAC+ and mp3). If that is not enough for you, then you can also choose video ringtones. The phone themes includes: Audio themes; Changeable color themes; pre-installed themes; and screen savers.

You will never run out of things to say or do when you use the Nokia E7 for your favorite SNS websites. Share pictures in breeze and let them know where you took them via the phone’s Geotagging feature. What is more, you can easily enjoy streaming of live videos from YouTube without the hassle of slow connection or streaming.

Truly, you will enjoy SNS websites like never before with the Nokia E7.

Obama says wealth accumulation shows need for tax shift

SNS software
The last time the Redmond, Washington-based software company reported an annual drop in its cash on hand was 2007. Uber Technologies, a ride-sharing company, isn't publicly traded. Founder Travis Kalanick made the Forbes list of the 400 richest …

SNS Software – Donations

Smalldog Net Solutions provides specialized software for non-profit organizations and foundations. This video describes how do add donations. This easy-to-us…
SNS software Video Rating: 5 / 5

Five Social Media Trends: SNS will become the main channel for online shopping

Five Social Media Trends: SNS will become the main channel for online shopping

The China wholesale and dropship supplier ePathChina on Tuesday published a commentary article to forecast 5 trends on social media’s future. They include the reality will more closely link with the digital world, Facebook and other social networking sites will become the “social dashboard” as well as social networking sites will become a major online shopping channel.


The following are the five future trends of social media predicted by ePathChina:


1, the reality will more closely connect with the digital world


Now when running the course in the park, we use the iPhone’s application to keep track of our workout, while share the relevant information with Facebook, Twitter friends. It is foreseeable that in the future the reality will more closely link with the digital world.


2, Facebook and Twitter, will become the “social dashboard”


In short, Facebook and Twitter will become a mainstream of social channels, the other companies are able to carry out its technology development and related business on the two site. For example, Stocktwits, Tweetdeck, Zynga and other external company have gained huge profits from the two platforms.


3, social networking sites become the main channel of online shopping


At present, the major brands,like China cheap electronics wholesale  ePathChina, attach great importance to make as many users visit each page. Some Facebook users can complete shopping activities under the premise without leaving the station, which also shows that the brands initial investment has yielded results.  Considering the huge user base of Facebook, in the future social networking site Facebook, will no doubt become the main channel of online shopping.


4, various types of information have not been invited


Currently Google, Facebook and Amazon are working to collect user information such as hobbies. It is expected that in Web 3.0 era, the era of semantics, we will no longer need to find all types of information on the Internet, the information will take the initiative “to come to you,” at the right time and right place to deliver the right users the right information, which saves us a lot of time finding information.


5, mobile technologies will occupy more market advantage

In the future mobile technology will occupy more market advantage, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology will be further developed to allow businesses to put the promotion information based on the user’s location and interests.

Samsung clarifies privacy statement after concerns about potential for smart

SNS software
Although Samsung initially declined to name the software company, the blog post identifies it as Nuance Communications Inc. The TV also transmits other information including its unique identifier, both to provide the service and to improve the feature.

Microblogging Raises the Value of SNS

Microblogging Raises the Value of SNS

SNS, full name social networking service, specifically refers to the internet applicable service designed to help people build social networks. It also refers to popular and mature information carriers existed, such as SMS messaging service. Another common explanation of SNS: Social Network Site, ie the “social Web” or “social net.”Whatâeuro™s New? Stocking Stuffers of sexy dresses Come in in Dortmund

When ordinary people can have computing and communications resources which may compare to the web server by installing the SNS software, what will those Internet companies investing in a large number of servers do? What are their advantages? Will there be more new Internet companies, whose front end and background might not be present Google, EBAY or Sina model? Even the 3 million strong server clusters of which the operator like Shanda games is proud is the core competitiveness? When the machine in a cartoon’s home can play his work through the SNS video device, does he need to go to manage a website? Probably a housewife does not know Html programming, doed not know the word site, but she can only use the SNS cookbook publishing program and a PC in the kitchen to help millions of people master her craft, and her stances on the stove is quite clear. What are you thinking at that time? In today’s Internet now, we as the clients are like a dummy, do some slavery things only through the server, look at other people’s sites, play other people’s games, send emails, in addition to these, we have no freedom.The Attraction and Misunderstandings of sexy clubwear

Now is the time to start a revolution! Central task of the revolution: how to let more than 10 million computers play their own roles, let users create and control their own information, without the company’s servers manipulating us. The Reasons Why Jolie Love sexy dresses Individual power is weak, the birth of the Internet makes syntaxis of individuals’ and strange forces in a short time possible, while SNS makes the possibility become a reality. The Best sexy lingerie for Assembly The ultimate significance of SNS is to integrate the scattered individuals in the Internet orderly and organicly, just like the silk thread strung pearls. The key is to make the pearls find the pearls and the fish balls find the fish balls. If an SNS always let the fishball fall into the pearl base, or vice versa, it is definitely a disaster.Recession Chic âeuro[ How to Be Most Brilliant on a Budget

To let the same type of individuals associate perfectly is the core application of SNS. Now almost all of the SNS take the webgame as the core applications for getting users together, which is obviously a departure from the basic value of SNS. SNS takes human relations as a basis. The user inevitably have the behaviour characteristics of participation, communication and sharing. This kind of behaviour spends a lot of time. Therefore, the core applications of SNS should invovle two basic characteristics of simple operation and high frequency property of participation. Internet application which now can meet the two characteristics is only the microblog.10 Motivations That Will Incite Mire to Your sexy dresses

Living the life from the days into the scripts is the inevitable result of the information age and the rapid urbanization, which is also the reason why microblog is highly regarded. Significance of microblog for the individual is not confiding but listening. Individuals will be more concerned about the content published by the objects followed, and associate by responses. This series of acts like release, attention, following, recovery, re-release form a virtuous communication cycle. Each man and followed object form a small circle, a number of which link together to form a SNS Network. Microblog makes SNS more valuable. Microblog can not be said to be the only core application of SNS, but the success of microblog definitely can promote the success of SNS, which is of course only the success on applications. From the time used, the mobile terminal has more potential than a computer to become the main platform of SNS. The successful commercial application must tie the other twin brother SMS. Microblog and text message are born to make a pair. Break down the boundaries between the two means not only to create a new network application, but to create a new business model. The key is how to merge the interests of the enterprise, microblog and the user into a harmonious business system.

Sorry, millennials: The jobs you want don't exist

SNS software
Whether task work is satisfying and well-paid depends not on Uber's software, but overall demand: how much will people pay for tasks, and how many unemployed people are around willing to take those tasks on. That's what should worry millennials, not …

MLM Software services by SNS System – OFBiz ERP module

MLM software service provided by SNS is module developed on top of OFBiz ERP, It has been integrated with shopping cart and inventory. If you are looking MLM…
SNS software Video Rating: 3 / 5

Google Places

Google Places

Get your business listed and optimised for the top of Google Local (Places) google places seo Australia today for as little as only $ 6 a week.

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5. 12 times more people use Google than Yellow Pages Books
6. 18 times more people use Google than local newspapers
7. Due to high use of iPhone & smart phones Google Places is the first choice in search
8. Be found easily by existing customers looking for your number
9. Get called by new opportunities in your local area
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So what can you get these days for $ 6 a week? Not much. What many SEO companies would charge a month we charge for the whole year. Front page of Google for your local area and surrounding areas starts from only $ 299+GST for 12 months, that works out to be $ 5.75+GST a week. Find out why our customers are bragging about our optimisation service and how it can turn the power of Google into calls and traffic for your business.

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Ask us how we can help optimise your business to appear in the top search results in your local area. We specialise in listing your local business in Google Places and Google Places Optimisation to help your business grow online Contact us,

publicity monster

Google acquires Odysee, team behind photo backup and sharing app joins

An app called Odysee has been acquired by Google, and the “Platform Team” behind it will be joining the Google+ team. The app, while definitely not all too well known, let users automatically back up their photos and videos from their smartphones to …

Google Art Project

Google Art Project

On 1st February 2011, Google launched Google Art Project. (

Using Street View technology, Google Art Project allows users to wander around 17 of the worlds top galleries and museums and view 1,061 artworks.

Over the past 18 months, a Google team has been zipping around the likes of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Palace of Versailles in Franceusing trolley mounted cameras to photograph corridors and galleries. Users can explore each gallery from room to room, or create their own collections of masterpieces. Google Art Project promises to bring museums and art galleries to your desktop, and its creators have said that they plan to add more museums to the original line-up going forward.

So from a museum or galleryspoint of view, is Google Art Project a good thing or a bad thing?

Theres no doubt that it will allow people who wouldnt otherwise have the chance to visit the museum or gallery (due to location or other factors) the chance to experience it. Increasing access to beautiful art has to be considered a great thing.

It could also help to raise the profile of the museums and art galleries which feature in the project, inspiring people to go and visit them for real.

However, a question that some museums and galleries who are perhaps considering participating in the projectmay ask themselves; if someone views the museum or gallery on Google Art Project, does this mean that they are less likely to go and see the real thing? If they ever happened upon the opportunity, would they pass it up because they have already seen it, albeit on a computer screen? There is a risk that the emergence of Google Art Project will reduce the desire to visit it in person.

We are constantly being presented with new ways to live our lives virtually. So much can be done now simply by sitting behind a computerand logging on to the internet. But is Google Art Project taking virtual reality one step too far?

As someone who has been privileged enough to have experienced some of the worlds most amazing museums and art galleries, I can categorically say that there is definitely no substitute for the real thing. Some things just have to be seen (in real life!) to be believed.

Check it out yourself and make up your own mind.


ClickNetherfield have been delivering successful showcase projects for over thirty years, and we’re here to share that experience with you.

Please never feel shy about involving us at any stage of your project.

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Wherever you are in your decision-making process, ClickNetherfield is here to help you.

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The only part of Google+ that people value is about to get much better

According to TechCrunch, Odysee also offered an ability to automatically backup your photos to a computer, instead of just to the Web, and that could be particularly useful if Google ever spins Photos out of Google+ into its own stand-alone application …

Facebook Shame

Facebook Shame

Just a week ago, I bought the book titled; Facebook Effect by David Kirkpatrick and have been living in belief that he is one of the most genius people around when it comes to technology. But an old friend of mine strongly believes he is a thief of ideas who rose to fame by applying dirty tactics.
Those were the words of Sarah Harris who works with MOCE, a mobile technology company in UK, when I sought her comments this evening on the latest setback facing Facebook where it has been accused of hiring a PR company to write negative stories about Google in the US media. There is no doubt Google and Facebook’s rivalry is turning out to be one of the biggest between technology companies at the moment.
This is because both are competing for advertising revenues and eyeballs online. At the moment, current indicators shows that Facebook is accounting for an increased amount of time spent by people on the web while Google is said to prioritising on social networking strategy. According to the news, Facebook hired Burson-Marsteller, a PR company to place negative stories about Google in American press outlets.
Since the admission, Burson Marsteller has terminated its contract with Facebook. This is bad news for Facebook, given its attempts at a squeaky clean image and owner facing accusations for stealing someone else idea before setting up Facebook. This evening as I digested the news, what came to my mind was that if Facebook uses such underhand tactics can I really trust them with my data. This has made me wonder when you hear news about hackers unknown making off with personal data where do they get it?
This is pure greediness by Zuckerberg and his team which speaks and he better be reminded that Facebook is just supposed to be an informative online network and we all know it was not structured under Google power. It is a pretty much disturbing situation that Facebook have to hire someone to do the smearing with just the intention of overtaking Google’s add revenue.
In my opinion it’s a big shame to both Facebook and the PR company hired to do the dirty work. Executives from Burson-Marsteller approached a well known blogger urging him to investigate Google’s privacy policy, and in exchange they would help him get the piece published on influential sites such as The Washington Post and The Huffington Post.
Burson-Marsteller said that Facebook requested its name to be withheld on the grounds that it was merely asking to bring publicly available information to light and such information could then be independently and easily replicated by any media. Any information brought to media attention raised fair questions, was in the public domain, and was in any event for the media to verify through independent sources.
Burson-Marsteller added that whatever the rationale, this was not at all standard operating procedure and is against our policies, and the assignment on those terms should have been declined. When talking to the media, we need to adhere to strict standards of transparency about clients, and this incident underscores the absolute importance of that principle.
When confronted with evidence, a Facebook spokesman later confirmed that Facebook hired Burson-Marsteller for two reasons. The foremost important was that Facebook believed Google was doing some things in social networking that raises privacy concerns and perhaps more important, because Facebook resents Google’s attempts to use Facebook data in its own social-networking service.
This story equals a Cold War spy case made public, the PR fiasco reveals and ratchets up the growing rivalry between Google and Facebook. I will be waiting for both companies reactions and predict who will come out winner out this fiasco. For now, my scoresheet reads Google 9 and Facebook 1.

David Kirkpatrick Talks About The Facebook Effect

More information about Facebook Shame here:

> Comments on CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg
> Mark Zuckerberg: Interesting Facts of Facebook CEO 

Delta sorry for lewd post on 'compromised' Facebook page

Delta Air Lines' says its Facebook page was "compromised" after a suggestive photo and an accompanying vulgar headline were posted to the company's page on the social networking site. The post appears to have been posted on the company's website at …

10 Dumbest Facebook Posts That Got People Arrested

Dumbest Facebook posts – from a baby bong to boasting of driving drunk, we take a look at 10 dumbest Facebook posts that got people arrested. Subscribe (new …
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