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Asset Management PDF

Asset Management PDF

Asset Management is a system in which large or small organizations keep an updated and detailed list of everything the organization owns and spends.  This list is then used in conjunction with all the financial responsibilities of the organization, as in, the amount of money the organization spends and what it is spent on.  Asset management can help to improve the strength and growth of your organization by tracking wasteful investments.
Asset Management can help to reduce wasteful spending and improve more profitable and productive investments.
Asset management will also help in making long and short term goals easier and more profitable for your organization.
It will also help to keep your organization organized and running as smoothly as possible, making it easey to make an educated decision for your organization based on concrete facts rather than guess work.
Asset Management can only be successful if you keep a detailed list of all the money coming in and out the organization.  Tracking the money that is coming into the organization is a key aspect of Asset Management, this will begin to tell you if your organization is sustainable.  So you will want begin by installing an asset tracking software. This will help to keep all financial information organized and in one place and easily attainable.  Asset Management is key to running and maintaining a successful organization and without it there is a very good chance your organization will not be as successful as it could be or  maybe it won’t be successful at all.

There are several different types of asset management. Choosing the right one for you is really up to the field you are in.
Here are some examples taken from a Asset Management PDF and other resources located.

Digital asset management

IT asset management

Physical asset management

Investment management

Fixed assets management

For instance, under IT asset management focus mainly on a computer field  management.  Such as hardware and other physical components of computers. And there is also software in the same category.
This includes  procurement, deployment, management and expense reporting of IT assets.

This is just the a basic explanation of Asset Management. We suggest you do your research or read a asset management pdf as well as other useful resources on the internet to determine what is right for you.

Good luck folks.

Fix Microsoft Office Setup Error 1324

Fix Microsoft Office Setup Error 1324

You may receive following errors during installation of Microsoft Office XP, 2002 or 2003.

“Error 1324. The folder path ‘UserName/All Users’ contains an invalid character.”
“Error 1324. The folder path ‘FullFolderPath’ contains an invalid character.”

Errors like these appear when we do not have valid characters in Windows Registry.

These error messages are generated if there are wrong entries within the Windows Registry. Windows Registry is essential component of operating system. That is the reason you must be very much careful while editing registry of your computer. Always create a back before modifying your registry.

To fix error 1324 in the registry, you should locate all instances of the invalid character reported in message and replace with correct character. Further elaborated below

a) Start>>Run>> type regedit and press Enter
b) Now in the Registry Editor, click on Edit menu and select Find
c) Type here reported invalid character in Find What box and click on Find Next button
d) Now you can detect invalid string, change it to correct one and press F3 to continue searching registry
e) Here use Find command to replace all instances of invalid character with the correct character in the registry
f) Exit form the Registry Editor
g) Reboot your system
h) Install office

As mentioned above, Windows Registry is highly sensitive part of the operating system. If you are making direct changes in your registry then you must be very much careful because if you did a wrong entry then it would ruin your entire system.

However, if you are not computer savvy then it is recommended that you download a simple to use registry cleaner and PC optimizer software to scan, repair and clean registry. Reliable registry cleaner repairs all those errors generated due to the existence of invalid information within Windows Registry.

To Fix Office Setup Error 1324, you may use ReginOut. Software would help you remove all your internal registry errors and common PC problems.

How to Uninstall Office 2007?

How to Uninstall Office 2007?

Office 2007 is an Office productivity suite designed and marketed by Microsoft. It is a package which contains modules like spreadsheet, document creator, digital presentation creator, digital publisher etc. There are multiple versions based on the packages involved.

Steps involved in computer troubleshooting and uninstalling Office 2007

There are multiple ways to uninstall Office 2007 from the system some of them are listed below –

1)   Uninstalling from the Control Panel

2)   Using the Office 2007 DVD

3)   Using System Restore

4)   Registry Removal

Uninstalling from the Control Panel – This method uses the windows uninstaller program to remove Office 2007 from your computer. To achieve this follow these steps –

1)   Click on Start and browse to Control Panel

2)   Click on Program and Features option, this brings a complete list of programs present on your system

3)   Choose Microsoft Office 2007 and select uninstall

This is the most basic method of uninstalling the productivity suite from your system.

Using the Office 2007 DVD – Microsoft has built-in uninstall facility in all their Office softwares, which acts as computer repair software and helps in uninstalling Office 2007. This is actually the best method to safely uninstall Microsoft office 2007 from your system. The steps include –

1)   Place in the DVD in the DVD rom drive

2)   The DVD will run automatically and display 3 options on the screen

3)   Choose the Uninstall or Remove option and click Next

4)   Select all the installed packages and click Next

It will take around 2-3 minutes to uninstall all the packages from the system and after this process Office 2007 will be completely installed from the system.

Using System Restore – You should use this process after you have tried the above steps. System restore is a feature provided by the Windows OS. The system randomly keeps a snapshot of the complete registry as a backup on some random dates and the system puts it back once the particular date is selected. 

By choosing the date before Office 2007 was installed system restore puts the registry back to the selected date. Once this is done all folders and registry entries are placed according to that date so this will remove the Office 2007 from the system completely. To run the system restore follow these steps.

1)   Click on Start

2)   Select  All programs

3)   Go to Accessories and then Click on System tools

4)   Browse to System restore and choose a date prior to the installation of Office 2007.

5)   After selecting the date click Next

System restore will take some time to apply the setting to the selected date and once the settings are applied it will restart the system.

Registry Removal – This is the best way and the most dangerous way to remove office 2007 from the system manually. It is better to keep a manual backup of the registry before making these changes and taking help of a computer tech support professional is advisable. To achieve this follow the steps-

1)   Click on Start and click on Run and type Regedit

2)   Browse to the subkey  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office.0

3)   Delete all the folders below this subkey

4)   Browse to  keys listed and delete them

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Delivery\SourceEngine\Downloads\*0FF1CE}- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\*0FF1CE*

This will remove the office 2007 from the system completely

All the above steps mentioned are to remove the Office 2007 completely from the system and these methods should be performed in the order given. The first three steps can be performed easily, but the fourth step can be a little tricky and it is best to take the help of computer repair technician if you do not have much knowledge of the registry.



“Copyright 2010, Mike Scherenberg. For more information or to view this original article, please visit


Microsoft Office 2010 HUP upgrade

Microsoft Office 2010 HUP upgrade

System requirements of office 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007 has a huge gap, so by keeping this fact in consideration Microsoft launched a new version of Office that does not contains the overhead of upgrading of computers by the users. Microsoft Office 2010 requires no upgradation and makes the user comfortable with their work. The main system requirements are 1.5 GB hard disk space, operating systems-windows vista, Windows 7 , windows server 2008 R2(64 bit), and windows XP(32 bit). It requires a graphic processor with 64 MB of memory and supports DirectX 9.0c.

There are many new features available in Office 2010 that brings a lot of change to your working lifestyle. Now you can publish your document as an article or blog because there are settings available for Blogger, TypePad, Word Press, Live space etc. PowerPoint provides the option of saving the documents on a CD or save a video presentation. PowerPoint also provides the facility of video editing with the effects of 3D, reflection, frame, shadow etc. So it will be very beneficial working in such an environment where you will get so many newly added tools without doing any configuration of your system.

If you want to work both in Microsoft Office 2007 and Office 2010 then it requires installation of Office 2010 in different directory or folder to prevent overwriting of files of Office 2007. When you start the setup a blue screen comes on the screen asking for the preferred installation you want. If you want to run both versions of Office then choose ‘customize’ option, otherwise use ‘upgrade’ option. If you choose the ‘customize’ option then in the next screen it will be asked to provide another installation path for Office 2010. Select the path according to your choice and installation starts. There is another option for keeping both the versions together. You have to download a window installer patch setup customization file. This file has already been configured to keep and retain old office applications. All you have to do is to download the config.MSP file and copy it to the folder containing setup.exe and other installation files for Office 2010. After that you have to run a command’SETUP/adminfile config.MSP’ and you will have both the versions working together.

It must be noticed that although you can use both the versions of Office but the default program for presentations, spreadsheets will be Office 2010 so you have to change manually by going to control panel if you wants opening of documents with Office 2007. Also, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 cannot co exist at the same time because only version of Outlook works at any time so you have to work on Outlook 2010 in Microsoft Windows 7.

Tell us about your most unexpected NFL memorabilia find

Office 2003
It's now in my home office, to be treasured until it is “accidentally” lost in a move or a spring cleaning. eBay can be a treasure trove for interesting older NFL stuff. For a time in college, I collected vintage NFL ski caps. (The Steelers one, it …

OFFICE 2007 Uninstaller – Remove All the Traces of OFFICE 2007

OFFICE 2007 Uninstaller – Remove All the Traces of OFFICE 2007

If you are in a need to uninstall and remove OFFICE 2007, you have come to the right place, here I will list all the ways available: normal uninstall or force uninstall OFFICE 2007, and you can choose the way you like.

Remove OFFICE 2007 in a normal way:

Step 1 Click Start – Control Panel – Add/ Remove Programs

Step 2 Locate and choose OFFICE 2007 and click “Uninstall”.

Step 3 Click Remove to confirm this OFFICE 2007 removal.

It is very easy to operate, and many programs can be removed by this way, but it does not always work, especially when removing some powerful antivirus programs like OFFICE 2007, because usually you are unable to completely shut down these programs, and many traces still left in your computer. Don’t worry, I will also introduce another way to force uninstall OFFICE 2007.

Force Uninstall OFFICE 2007 with the Best Uninstall Tool

Best Uninstall Tool will help you to force uninstall and remove OFFICE 2007 Highlights by doing 3 things. Firstly, the uninstaller uninstalls OFFICE 2007. Once been finished it will fully scan your registry and your hard-drive to find any files that are related to the program.

Free download Best Uninstall Tool – the best uninstall tool to help you force uninstall OFFICE 2007 with great success and make sure all the now-defunct Registry entries and related files are eliminated automatically with a few clicks. Aside from this software, it can also completely remove other programs like Authentium, Norton, Norton antivirus, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Office, and similar programs.

Why is it best to consider using Best Uninstall Tool to remove OFFICE 2007 and any other unwanted programs?

l  Many programs, when installed, may change your system in some fashion or the other to improve that particular program’s performance while not caring about your overall computer performance.

l  Sometimes these programs have updates, but they update the main components without consideration of being able to uninstall the whole OFFICE 2007. Which means that when an uninstall is done, these additional pieces may still be left ‘hanging’.

l  Some uninstallers without some sort of ‘logging’ module are not able to completely uninstall programs. Furthermore, it can cause risks to your PC.

l  Add-ons, Spyware or more that are intentionally installed into your computer by bundling itself to a normal program without the related uninstall files.

Matthew Libous' new drug test comes up negative

Office 2007
… was convicted in January of three felony counts of subscribing to false tax returns for under-reporting his income by $ 69,950 from 2007 through 2009. He is pushing for a sentence that avoids prison time, while Bharara's office is seeking a prison …

Improvements in Microsoft office 2007

Improvements in Microsoft office 2007

Interface accommodates

One of the interface changes is the introduction of the Ribbon , which brings together the tools for the tasks most frequently performed and places them in an optimal position.

Before starting with tricks and techniques, should dedicate some lines to the major changes in the application in its latest version. Thus, the chip area consists of eight tabs, from which hang various groups related items that glow when you hover your mouse pointer. Within each group, you can see different commands as a button or menu box to perform an action. If you miss any, click the Dialog Box Launcher, a small square icon available within each group in the lower right side through which we get the typical options of previous versions.

A novelty is the Mini Toolbar . When you select a text and point out briefly appears in a floating with the text formatting options most commonly used. Now if you do not like the Mini, you can disable the button Office , going to Word Options . Click the tab more often and disables theShow Mini Toolbar when selected. However, the customization possibilities do not end here. Even if you do not like the font Calibriordered by default, go to the tab Home , group source and click the Dialog Box Launcher , choose your preferred font and format and set it as Default . Experimenting with these options, adapting the Word interface to your liking.

Control your space

Word 2007 has a strange habit of putting fixed space between paragraphs with the same style and can not simply remove the clear key, which is very uncomfortable at times. To remove, go to the path Start / Paragraph and click the I niciador Dialog (icon at the bottom left). Here, get into the tab Indents and Space and uncheck the option to not add space between paragraphs of same style .

Area Eagles honor law enforcement officers, firefighter

Office 2007
Schultz started his employment with the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Office in March 2004. In July 2007, he was promoted to the position of jail sergeant. Schultz is very involved at the Sheriff's Office as the lead field training supervisor of the jail …

Enhancements In Microsoft Office 2007

Enhancements In Microsoft Office 2007

More compatible than ever

When you create a new file in Word 2007, is set as the default format DOCX . This offers significant improvements in optimizing the size, operability with dynamic data and, above all, safety. So, is greatly facilitated by the identification of macros and commands to be blocked in case of doubt about the sender, which allows you to keep at bay potential viruses and Trojans that can be executed. It also offers plenty of options with graphics Smart Art , which allow the creation of these with very good appearance from pre-established galleries that behave dynamically when entering data. It also supports editing of complex mathematical formulas and equations, in addition to supporting the implementation of endless combinations of styles and subjects for your documents only to those who are playing by default (they are many).

The problems come when not everyone has been updated yet to Word 2007. A good trick is that if your friend sends you an old document formats ( DOC ), makes the new button by going to theOffice and choosing Convert . Immediately, will be transformed to DOCX with all the new features active. Although careful, because some items may be slightly altered, as we have seen in our tests.
To make clear the issue a bit extensions, suffice it to say that DOCX refers to a standard Word document without macros or code; DOTX , a Word template with no macros or code; DOCM is a Word document that can contain macros or code, and finally, DOTM indicates a Word Export Team that can contain macros or code.

Open old documents

Now if you open older Word documents (versions 1.0 to 2003), has to do it in compatibility modethat appears at the top of the open document. A good idea is to enable Word 2007 to save files by default for versions 97 through 2003 until you are certain that the whole world with which you exchange documents using the same version. Click the button Office , select Word Options , click on Save and select in the drop-down type of format that will keep your documents by default.

As for users who use options as previous Word 2000, and only if they have successfully updated your Office with patches and service packs, can open these new documents in Word 2007 with a converter that automatically launches. But again there may be slight changes in appearance. This converter works with Office 2000 SP3, Office XP SP3 and Office 2003 SP1, and Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP1 and Windows Server 2003.

City refinances 2007 sales tax revenue bond

Office 2007
The Spearfish City Council Monday approved a request for the finance office to engage Dougherty & Company to pursue refinancing of its 2007 sales tax revenue bond, originally issued to finance and refinance the city's rec center, pictured, to maximize …

Word 2003 Recovery after Sudden and Unavoidable Word 2003 Doc Files Corruption

Word 2003 Recovery after Sudden and Unavoidable Word 2003 Doc Files Corruption

If you have been using Microsoft Office Word 2003 application to create some important documents, which have now been corrupted due to some sudden and inescapable corruption, then you can perform Word 2003 recovery using a third-party Word 2003 document recovery tool like SysTools Word Recovery software. You can use the tool to repair corrupt Word 2003 documents and to Recover Damage Doc File data easily.
MS Word is a Requisite For Many Professionals: Journalists, writers, editors, and many such professionals absolutely depend on MS Word to give a visible form to their imagination. MS Word dependency owes to the useful feature set it offers like spell check, grammar check, word count, text formatting, page layout, and many others which provide an error-free, systematized and easy document creation facility. This dependency has turned essential with an evident establishment of impossibility of work in absence of this word processing tool. The document files created using Microsoft Word have .DOC extension.
Sudden and Unavoidable Word 2003 Doc Files Corruption: Word files can corrupt due to several sudden and unavoidable causes like virus attack, abrupt system shut down, unexpected software shutdown etc. This harms your Word document files and can put your crucial data at stake.
Word 2003 Recovery: One of the most safe and efficient Word 2003 recovery solutions is to use a third-party tool to repair corrupt Word 2003 documents. SysTools Word Recovery software is one such tool that can be used for Word 2003 document recovery. It is a simple and intuitive solution that can even be used by amateurs to repair corrupt Word 2003 documents and to recover damage doc file data easily.
So, if your doc files have got corrupted and you fear of losing your crucial data, then don’t panic as Word 2003 recovery is very easy with the help of the above mentioned tool.

Joshua Ozersky, Famed Food Writer, Found Dead In Chicago Hotel; Cause Of

Office 2003
The Cook County medical examiner's office reportedly confirmed the death but did not reveal the cause, reports said. An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday. The 47-year-old was in Chicago for an awards ceremony by the James Beard … He also authored “The …

Why PDF?

Why PDF?

With the world growing in fast pace; there is seldom time to think and wonder, look here and there; a man has become a slave to the needle tick. You must have had this feeling while giving maximum productivity to your business or work. This is a Computer Age where businesses all over the world demand automating and integrating workflow, collaborating globally, implementing iterative processes and reusable services.

In computer usage there are a lot of files, applications and softwares invented to facilitate the timely and efficient work demanded. One such application is PDF Document. It means “Portable Document Format.” It is non-editable file where users cannot alter the text and it is password protected. However, if you need to take some portion or want the text in Word file for changes, what do you do? Then you go for a PDF Converter. The program has several attributes which makes your work easier and simpler. It can convert PDF to Word, Word to PDF, PDF to Excel and also to Power Point.

Most of the good and genuine companies offering these services or products provide rich feature set. The PDF Converter is designed so you can get up to speed and productive within minutes. Various features that you should see in a PDF Converter are:

–The text, graphs, clipart, pictures, tables, text fonts and style, image placement, superscript, subscript, etc are preserved and replicated into the converted application, like, Word Excel, etc. or back from any of these files to PDF file.

–Partial and Batch Conversion are also possible. In the former, choose the pages you need to convert from PDF to any application or vice-versa, while in the latter, number of files can be converted into one application.

–Multi-lingual conversion facility should be available. There are many companies that offer you conversion in languages, like, English, French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. There are other companies that offer a few added features, like, Bi-directional texts, such as Arabic and Hebrew and double-byte character Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK)

–The program should be easy to install and not require any other application for the purpose.

–Implementing the PDF Converter should be straightforward and the manuals are given with clear examples.

You have options in order to avail for these facilities.
1) Buy full version of the Adobe Acrobat.
2) Buy software from a vendor that needs to be installed
3) If you have a licensed copy of Adobe Acrobat, you just need to upload your document to their site, it gets converted and returned to you within minutes.

WowTron Launches PDF Encryption Software for Users to Add Password to PDF

PDF software
Software company, WowTron, has recently launched its pdf encryption software, which can be used to secure pdf and set restrictions to pdf. A new pdf encryption software has recently been launched by software company WowTron Software Co., Ltd. The pdf …

Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile


Original icon set of Office Mobile

Office Mobile originally shipped as “Pocket Office”, and was released by Microsoft with the Pocket PC 2000 operating system in April of 2000. This release was specifically for the Pocket PC hardware platform, as Microsoft’s Smartphone hardware specification had not yet been released. It consisted of Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, and Pocket Outlook. With steady updates throughout subsequent releases of Windows Mobile, Office Mobile was rebranded as its current name after the release of the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. This release of Office Mobile also included PowerPoint Mobile for the first time. Accompanying the release of Microsoft OneNote 2007, a new optional addition to the Office Mobile line of programs was released as OneNote Mobile. With the release of Windows Mobile 6 Standard, Office Mobile became available for the Smartphone hardware platform, however unlike Office Mobile for the Professional and Classic versions of Windows Mobile, creation of new documents is not an added feature. A popular workaround is to create a new blank document in a desktop version of Office, synchronize it to the device, and then edit and save on the Windows Mobile device.

In June 2007, Microsoft announced a new version of the office suite, Office Mobile 2007. It became available as “Office Mobile 6.1” on September 26, 2007 as a free upgrade download to current Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6 users. However, “Office Mobile 6.1 Upgrade” is not compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 powered devices running builds earlier than 14847. It will also be a pre-installed feature in subsequent releases of Windows Mobile 6 devices. Office Mobile 6.1 is compatible with the Office Open XML specification like its desktop counterpart.

On August 12, 2009, it was announced that Office Mobile would also be released for the Symbian OS platform as a joint agreement between Microsoft and Nokia.


Word Mobile

Word Mobile running on Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Word Mobile, originally called Pocket Word, has been included with the Office Mobile suite since the release of the Pocket PC in 2000. It is a word processor program with similar functions to its desktop counterpart, Microsoft Word. Word Mobile allows for basic formatting of documents, and has the ability to save documents in multiple formats including Rich Text Format, Microsoft’s DOC format for reading on desktop versions of Word, and simple Text files. While it is possible to open legacy PSW (Pocket Word) files on the current version of Word Mobile, such files must be saved as another supported format. Word Mobile also allows for insertion of pictures, lists, and tables to documents, however pictures must be added on the desktop version of Word, and cannot be moved. Additionally, Word Mobile includes a spell checker, word count tool, and a “Find and Replace” command. Footnotes, endnotes, headers, footers, page breaks, certain indentation of lists, and certain fonts, while not displayed nor able to be inserted while working on a document in Word Mobile, such features are retained if the original document has them.

Excel Mobile

Excel Mobile running on Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Like Word Mobile, Excel Mobile was one of the original programs included in Office Mobile at its release. It is a spreadsheet program that is compatible with Microsoft Excel, and can create, open, edit, and save in Microsoft’s ‘.xls’ spreadsheet format. Excel Mobile allows for formatting of cells, basic calculations of formulas, and the creation of charts or graphs. As a means of dealing with limited screen resolution, Excel Mobile also has the ability to use a full-screen mode. In addition, it supports filtering of data and split panes to view different parts of a worksheet at one time. Protection settings, zoom settings, autofilter settings, certain chart formatting, hidden sheets, and other features are not supported on Excel Mobile, and will be modified upon opening and saving a workbook.

Outlook Mobile

Outlook Mobile is a personal information manager. Unlike the rest of the Office Mobile suite, Outlook Mobile does not consist of a single application on the Windows Mobile platform, and instead has several separate programs: Messaging, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks. It synchronizes e-mail, appointments, contacts, and tasks from the desktop version of Outlook. It is not compatible with Windows Calendar, Windows Mail, or Windows Contacts. Outlook Mobile is also capable of bypassing synchronization with its desktop counterpart by interacting directly with Microsoft Exchange Server. This direct interaction allows for an always-on E-mail connection, commonly referred to as Push e-mail. Push e-mail is also available to users with a Windows Live Hotmail account while logged onto Windows Live via their phone.


Outlook Mobile’s Messaging application includes the following features:

Push e-mail using Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Outlook folder synchronization

SMS messaging on phones

MMS messaging on phones

Windows Live Hotmail support

POP support

IMAP support

E-mail attachment support

HTML e-mail support

Exchange searching


Outlook Mobile’s Calendar program running on Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Outlook Mobile’s Calendar application includes the following features:

vCal support

Agenda, Day, Week, Month, Year, and Lunar calendar views

Category support

Microsoft Exchange Server support

Reminders and Alarms


Outlook Mobile’s Contacts application includes the following features:

vCard support

Category support

Contact searching

Exchange searching

Contact photos

Ringtone assignment for contacts on phones


Outlook Mobile’s Tasks application includes the following features:

Category support

Priority status of tasks

Sensitivity status of tasks


PowerPoint Mobile

PowerPoint Mobile was included with the release of the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. It is a presentation program capable of reading presentation documents from Microsoft PowerPoint. Unlike Word and Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile is unable to create or edit new documents. Although essentially only a PowerPoint viewer, PowerPoint Mobile also allows for a zooming option to deal with limited screen resolution.

OneNote Mobile

OneNote Mobile running on Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Originally released with the Microsoft Office 2007 Beta, OneNote Mobile is a notetaking program that synchronizes with Microsoft OneNote. OneNote Mobile allows for basic formatting of text, the insertion of media such as pictures or audio recordings, creation of lists, and the use of hyperlinks within documents. Pictures and audio recordings may be taken directly from within the program using a built-in camera and microphone respectively.

See also

Microsoft Office

Pocket PC


Windows Mobile

Comparison of office suites


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